Men are big children (18 photos)

22 June 2024
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These 17 photos once again confirm this theory!

As children, we think that being an adult is great, and then suddenly we grow up and find out that now we constantly need to decide something and bear responsibility - especially if you are a stern and independent man. But is it always necessary to remain extremely serious? As it turned out, many men successfully continue to buy toys, soap bubbles and children's pools. And perhaps being a silly child sometimes is the secret to a happy adult life!

Dad thought he was left at home alone, so I went to check why he was laughing so joyfully

My brother always dreamed of swimming with turtles and did it like this

With the birth of the child, I realized that the playpen is really very convenient for games.

I saw a man blowing soap bubbles at the station

He caught my eye, came up and mysteriously whispered: “No one would ever suspect an adult.”

No need to start wars with your inner child

Today my boyfriend bought a label printer


My husband is 32 years old and here is his new pool

But what happens when you send your husband to the grocery store?

As he explained, just today there was a discount on all ice cream.

Because of the clouds they couldn’t see the eclipse, so dad improvised

My father is the king of diving

I went into the room and found that my husband had built himself a new house.

Dad finally has his own console

And I was hoping that my husband had already matured

Never say to your dad’s friends: “I bet you can’t do that?”

My parents bought a king size bed for the first time in their lives. Dad asked the delivery guy to take this photo.

That moment when hands are really not for boredom

We went to a cafe and dad looked at me like this for 5 minutes

This is what I saw when I finally paid attention to his plate.

If after this you want to urgently please your inner child, then we fully support you!

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