15 situations when people could consider themselves really lucky (16 photos)

12 May 2024
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Sometimes luck takes the most unexpected forms. The heroes of this collection were convinced of this personally.

We often pay attention to all sorts of troubles than to moments of luck, but still sometimes something happens that is simply impossible not to notice it! And what is most striking are the situations when something bad should have definitely happened, but miraculously everything ends well - at least, much better than it could have. How can you not believe in incredible luck when a tree is a centimeter from your car, the key doesn’t fall through the grille, or being late for work literally saves your life? And when you see the amazing things that sometimes happen to people, you can’t even believe such luck. See for yourself!

These two car owners definitely need to take part in the lottery

The stone fell out of my ring, but I fished it out of the bathroom drain!

I was driving in the car for about twenty minutes and suddenly realized that my camera wasn’t lying next to me.

He was here all this time. I am the luckiest person in the world!

How can you not believe in miracles after this?

It would be great if the tree didn't fall at all, but thanks for that too

My great-grandfather kept the coins that saved him from a bullet

This is why hockey players wear protective masks

Even if it's field hockey!

There was a landslide near the city, and it was a miracle that the car did not fall into the Pacific Ocean

For a moment my heart stopped!

When you get home just in time

Being late for work literally saved my life.

If I had passed here a couple of minutes earlier, this car would have fallen right on top of me!

You may not believe me, but my refrigerator caught the dropped mug.

I destroyed the receipts in the shredder and remembered that I had not looked at one important amount - miraculously I found it!

Even if the cat tried, he could not have dropped the aquarium more successfully

It seems that motorists generally get lucky very often!

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