10 films and TV series about time travel (11 photos)

27 April 2024
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A selection of films and TV series that any fan of the science fiction genre will be delighted with.

From hilarious comedies to gripping dramas and intriguing mysticism, time travel is the basis for countless stories.

"Secrets of Sulfur Springs" (2021)

On July 19, Disney Channel viewers can expect the premiere of the series “Secrets of Sulfur Springs” about the adventures of two teenagers investigating the mysterious events of the past in a small town. The story of a ghost in an abandoned hotel gradually turns into an exciting detective story when the main characters discover a portal in the basement of the building leading to the past. Traveling back several decades, teenagers see with their own eyes the events that gave rise to rumors of a ghost.

Having received positive reviews from critics and viewers, Disney Channel's first mystical project has already been renewed for a second season. Sulfur Springs will air on Disney Channel starting July 19, Monday through Thursday at 4:35 p.m.

"Continuum" (Project Almanac, 2014)

What happens if a blueprint for a time machine falls into the hands of irresponsible teenagers? Having restored his father's invention, 17-year-old David makes a terrible mistake and sets off on a journey from which there is only one way out. With a catchy soundtrack from Imagine Dragons and master of spectacle Michael Bay in the producer's chair, Continuum lives up to its tagline: "Yesterday will be fun."

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

A classic comedy that gave us the famous picture of a perplexed Keanu Reeves. Two California schoolchildren are preparing for a history exam. Suddenly, a telephone booth literally falls from the sky on them, on which they can travel through time. Without thinking twice, the friends grab a unique opportunity and go on an excursion through the history of human civilization.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is a great comedy that the whole family can watch.

"Detonator" (Primer, 2004)

How can you make a good film for a sum that is ridiculous by cinema standards? Shane Carruth, director, screenwriter, producer, composer, artist and performer of one of the main roles in the film “Detonator,” knows the answer to this question.

An unusual project, created almost out of pure enthusiasm, created a stir at the Sundance festival, brought multiple profits to the creators and made a considerable number of viewers think deeply. This film has been called "true science fiction." If you're interested in technically accurate depictions of quantum loops and overlapping realities, then this is perfect for you.

"Back to the Future" (1985)

Robert Zemeckis's iconic trilogy is a great idea for family viewing. The story of Dr. Brown and Marty McFly explains complex terms like “time paradox” in a simple and understandable language even for children, and the subtle humor has not lost its sharpness for many years. Separately, it is worth noting the accuracy with which the director predicted (or suggested?) the emergence of various gadgets and technologies more than 30 years ago.

Drones and self-lacing boots are already our reality. How long until hoverboards?

"Making History" (2017)

This series is a lesson that sometimes trying to correct your mistake only makes things worse. The Fox comedy project tells the story of an ordinary manager, Dan, who discovered a portal leading into the depths of US history. In the very first episode, he manages to change the course of history forever and lose a friend in the past. The rest of the series is devoted to Dan's multiple failed attempts to correct his mistakes, each of which changes the present more and more.

“Make History” is a good comedy that is nice to watch in the evening to relax and laugh heartily.

"Quantum Leap" (1989–1993)

Faced with a difficult choice - test the theory of time travel on himself or lose funding and ruin his life's work - Dr. Sam Beckett chooses the first. Stepping into the quantum accelerator, he disappears from the present, ending up in the body of another person in another time.

The series tells the story of how Sam tries to get back, jumping from life to life and trying to fix what once went wrong.

"Life on Mars" (Life on Mars, 2006–2007)

Chief Police Inspector Sam gets into an accident, and when he wakes up, he realizes that he has found himself in the past. Around him is a completely different, unfamiliar world of England in the 1970s, and here the hero feels like he is on another planet. “Life on Mars” turned out to be such a successful project that it spread from the UK around the world, spawning several sequels and many remakes. So it's definitely worth watching.

"The Kid" (2000)

One of the most unusual roles of Bruce Willis. The comedy "Baby" tells the story of a successful and wealthy consultant named Russ, who one day meets a boy who for some reason is very familiar to him. It turns out that the hero met himself, only 30 years younger. Now the man has to figure out where he took the wrong turn and why his childhood dreams did not come true.

"Time Patrol" (Predestination, 2014)

Based on the story by Robert Heinlein, Time Patrol is an extraordinary film about a police officer who finds himself in the middle of a web of various time paradoxes. Fans of puzzles will definitely enjoy the film, and even those who are not too interested in intricate plots will certainly appreciate the ending, which is shocking in its suddenness.

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