7 incredible finds discovered during construction (4 photos)

5 May 2024
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Builders are people who are ready for anything! Every day millions of square meters are built around the world. Digs and trenches are dug for buildings, roads, and engineering structures.

What they don’t find in them!

7. Boom!

In 2013, while building a house in the capital of Serbia, workers stumbled upon a bomb weighing almost 2 tons. It turned out to be an unexploded shell from World War II. And there were more than 600 kg of explosives in it!

Fortunately, the bomb was carefully removed, taken to the test site and decontaminated there.

But already in 2017, Belgrade builders again stumble upon an unexploded bomb. It was smaller, but the condition of the bomb did not allow it to be moved. We had to close the construction site and move all the residents from the neighboring houses to the hotel. And detonate a bomb in a controlled manner right in the center of Belgrade.

6. Sleeping Beauty

When the Chinese city of Taizhou decided to expand one of the ordinary streets, the builders did not expect to encounter anything surprising. But during road work, they found the sarcophagus of the highest aristocrat of the Ming era. The mummy has been perfectly preserved for more than 500 years.

Not only clothes, body, face, jewelry were revealed to the builders in almost perfect condition. Even tinted eyebrows and other cosmetics on the face retained their color. The body was in a mummifying liquid, the secret of which is unknown.

5. Head under the bridge

During the construction of the Crimean Bridge, while installing one of the underwater supports, the builders discovered a head from a sculpture of some ancient Greek deity. The very realistic, life-size image was made from porous clay. The more surprising is its preservation.

During construction, about 600 kg of various archaeological finds were previously raised. These were mainly clay vessels belonging to the ancient peoples of Asia Minor.

But the head of the god turned out to be the most interesting and significant find.

4. Ship on land

In Alexandria, USA, during the construction of a hotel, a wooden hull from a ship from the Revolutionary War was discovered. The wreck of the 250-year-old ship is well preserved. The surprise of the builders was especially great due to the fact that the site for the hotel is located far from both the river and the sea. Having picked up archival documents, the builders learned that 200 years ago one of the branches of the Potomac River flowed here, but it was later drained.

It was never possible to find out who owned the ship, what it was called, and why it ended up at the site of the drained river. The remains of the ship have become a local landmark.

3. Executed Vikings

In the south of England, during preparations for the construction of facilities for the Olympics, a mass grave of Vikings was found. The burial is more than 1000 years old. 55 Vikings were decapitated and their bodies thrown into an ancient Roman quarry. Apparently this was a detachment that attacked local settlements from the sea, but met a worthy rebuff.

2. Save the spiders!

In Texas, while constructing a $15 million highway, a worker suddenly saw a spider of the species Cicurina venii. Some time later, another one of the same type was discovered. Construction was stopped. The fact is that this spider is a specially protected, endangered species. They were last seen in 1980.

Spiders are non-venomous, blind and live in caves. Apparently road workers accidentally opened their shelter. Now scientists are trying to restore the ecosystem for spiders.

1. Whale in the mountains

In California, in Santa Cruz, while building a road in the mountains, workers unearthed the fossilized remains of a whale that lived on Earth 4 million years ago. This is all the more surprising since the area is seismically active, and the layers of the earth’s crust were mixed here many times. Finding something whole here is incredible luck. The ancestor of modern whales is well preserved. The 7-meter-long fossil contains its entire head, including its jaws, most of its skeleton and fins.

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