13 celebrities who are Golden Raspberry record holders (14 photos)

13 May 2024
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A list of well-known actors and actresses who hold the Golden Raspberry anti-award record for the number of awards and nominations. The selection did not take into account nominations for restoration of reputation and those not related to cinema.

Each film award has its own heroes and record holders, even the one that is awarded to failed films and actors who played extremely unconvincingly. From its very foundation, the famous “Golden Raspberry” set out to attract as much attention as possible by nominating and rewarding famous actors, directors and producers, so among the “worst” in different years you can find many big names.

Let's see which celebrity is the laureate and nominee of the largest number of "raspberries". This list contains only famous faces, bypassing people like Pauly Shore (4 wins, 1 nomination), Pia Zadora (4 wins, 2 nominations) and Bo Derek (4 wins, three nominations) - after all, few people have heard of these actors .

Arnold Schwarzenegger - 10 nominations

Despite 0 in the “victory” column, iron Arnie received anti-award nominations for eight of his different roles. Schwarzenegger received the most for the film “The 6th Day” (2000) - 3 nominations for “Worst Actor”, “Worst Screen Couple” (in the film the actor played the main character and his clone) and “Worst Supporting Actor” (just for the role of a clone).

Arnold was most recently nominated for The Secret of the Dragon Seal (2019) in the Worst Supporting Actor category.

Will Smith - 3 wins and 1 nomination

Smith grabbed all the victories and nominations for his two films - “Wild Wild West” (1999) and “After Earth” (2013). The actor compensated for the small number of awards and nominations with variety: he won in the categories “Worst Song”, “Worst Screen Couple” (twice), “Worst Supporting Actor” and was nominated for “Worst Screenplay”.

Lindsay Lohan - 3 wins and 5 nominations

All three victories of the actress are associated with the film “I Know Who Killed Me” (2007). Lohan amazingly won twice in one film in the category “Worst Actress” - for the main character and her twin sister, also played by Lindsay, and they “both” beat out everyone else in the category “Worst Screen Couple”. Typical trolling from the organizers of Golden Raspberry.

Eddie Murphy - 3 wins and 6 nominations

Another case when an actor took several “raspberries” for one film. Murphy's failed comedy "Norbit's Tricks", where he played as many as three roles, including a lady named Raspyusha. As a result, awards for "Worst Actor", "Worst Supporting Actor" and "Worst Supporting Actress".

Sharon Stone - 3 wins and 7 nominations

In 1995, the actress became a Raspberry winner in the “Worst Actress” category for two films at once - “At the Crossroads” and “Specialist” (pictured). That is, formally Sharon Stone has four victories.

Ben Affleck - 3 wins and 7 nominations

The period from 2001 to 2004 in the actor’s career was not very successful; he received Raspberry nominations for the films Pearl Harbor, Daredevil, Hour of Reckoning, Jersey Girl, Surviving Christmas and Gigli “- the actor especially got it for the last film.

Demi Moore - 4 wins and 5 nominations

Particularly surprising was Moore's win in the Worst Actress category for GI Jane (1997).

Paris Hilton - 5 wins

Not a single lost nomination! House of Wax (2005), Beauty and the Ugly (2008, 2 nominations) and Repo! Genetic Opera" (2008) - those films that ultimately helped Paris receive a special award in 2010: "Worst Actress of the Decade."

You ask, who then became the “Worst Actor of the Decade” in the 2000s? We answer, the previous participant on our list is Eddie Murphy.

Kevin Costner - 6 wins and 10 nominations

Costner, as the director and producer of his films, often got a lot of “raspberries” for one picture. For The Postman (1997), he won awards for Worst Actor, Worst Director and overall Worst Picture.

John Travolta - 6 wins and 11 nominations

“Battlefield: Earth” - three words that describe the main failure in Travolta’s career. In the year the film was released, John received three “raspberries” for it in the categories “Worst Actor”, “Worst Screen Couple” (the official wording: “John Travolta and any other actor in the frame”), as well as “Worst Picture” (after all, Travolta also managed to act as a producer of the action film).

But that's not all. In 2005, the film received the title of “Worst film of the last 25 years” from Golden Raspberry. And in 2010, Battlefield Earth won the Worst Film of the Decade category, joining Paris Hilton and Eddie Murphy.

Madonna - 9 wins and 7 nominations

Madonna is absolutely the favorite victim of the Golden Raspberry organizers. Here is a list of films for which she only received awards for Worst Actress or Worst Supporting Actress: Shanghai Surprise (1986), Who's That Girl? (pictured, 1987), “Body as Evidence” (1993), “Four Rooms” (1995), the already legendary “Swept Away” (2002) by Guy Ritchie and “Die Another Day” (2002).

Soon after the release of the latter, Madonna decided to quit her acting career. No matter how many “raspberries” she had accumulated, if the performer had not made this decision - it’s scary to think!

Adam Sandler - 9 wins and 30 nominations

Adam Sandler, like Madonna, is a regular at the awards, but all nine wins came from only three films. Sandler won one trophy each for the films “Big Daddy” (1999) and “Papa Dosvidos” (2012) and as many as SEVEN for the comedy “Such Different Twins” (2011).

In general, this film won absolutely in all 11 categories in its year, setting a Golden Raspberry record. And the fact that Adam Sandler starred in this film is extremely symbolic!

Sylvester Stallone - 10 wins and 23 nominations

Well, here he is - the record holder for the number of victories! However, there are two objective reasons for this result: the length of Stallone’s acting career and his participation in his films as an actor, director, producer and screenwriter. Everything is simple here: the more positions a person occupies, the more nominations he can appear in.

Moreover, Sylvester does not have one particularly disastrous film for which he would have received a lot of “raspberries” at once, it’s just that as many as 26 different films with his participation went to the awards. And this is also a record!

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