“The world in pink”: a selection of bright and “glamorous” animals (16 photos)

18 April 2024
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All these animals can easily be called the most “glamorous” creations of nature. Or the main fans of the movie "Barbie". After all, their fashionable and bright color is outrageously pink! Yes, perhaps this is not the best color for life in the wild. But how impressive and good-looking they are. Let's take a look at these fashionistas.

Raspberry-breasted petroica

One of the brightest and most beautiful birds in Australia. The size of this bird is incredibly small, it weighs only 11 grams.

Pink katydid

As a rule, katydid bodies are colored green. However, sometimes, due to a rare genetic mutation (erythrism), such bright individuals are born.

Amazon river dolphin

All dolphins of this species are born with the same skin color - gray. It gradually changes with age. The color intensity is affected by gender (males look brighter), habitat and water temperature.


Still think that the axolotl is a sea creature? But no! The creature is an Ambystoma larva (a special amphibian) that has stopped at the stage of neoteny - early development.

Wine Hawkmoth

Hawkmoths are the only moths that can hover in front of flowers and feed like hummingbirds. They are among the fastest flying insects on the planet.

Pink frogs

Some types of frogs have a white, almost transparent color. Due to the proximity of muscles and blood vessels, their color may resemble pink.

Corn snake

This snake is absolutely safe for humans and is not poisonous at all. The range of its colors is quite wide. It comes in not only pink, but also red, yellowish, and brown.

Pink centipede or pink dragon

This centipede belongs to the poisonous cave bipedal millipedes from the family Paradoxosomatidae.

Pink fish

Among fish, pink color is not uncommon. Many aquarium fish can boast of such elegant colors. These include the zebrafish, the thorntail and the Siamese betta. Some of them are even able to glow in the dark.

Pink dragonfly

Pink dragonflies are incredibly beautiful insects. However, they are quite rare in nature.

Roseate Spoonbill

The Roseate Spoonbill is stunning from a distance and stunning up close. Locally distributed in Florida, Texas and southwest Louisiana. Spoonbills usually gather in small flocks, often teaming up with other birds. They feed in shallow water, moving slowly forward, shaking their heads from side to side and sifting through mud with their wide, flat beaks.

Bargibanta pygmy seahorse

The Bargibanta seahorse lives exclusively on fan corals and is so skillfully camouflaged that it went unnoticed for a long time. Scientists discovered it completely by accident while researching the life of corals.

Orchid mantis

Many animals disguise themselves as flowers to hide among them and then ambush their prey. For the orchid mantis, things are different. He sits alone on branches or leaves and pretends to be a beautiful, fragrant flower, waiting for the victim to approach him.

Pink starfish

There are about 2,000 different species of starfish, and they come in a variety of colors, including pink, which helps them camouflage or ward off predators.

Tomisus stuffed or crab spider

This is an unusual species that can mimic the color of the vegetation in which it lives. Most often, Tomisus infested prefers to hunt, hiding in bright flowers.

Pink stingray

Before you is the only pink stingray in the world. It lives near Lady Elliot Island, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef.

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