10 films with Arnold Schwarzenegger that failed at the box office (10 photos)

4 July 2024
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Today we will remember such a famous Hollywood character as Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, and we will remember a dozen films with his participation that failed at the box office.

Hollywood stars are popular, loved by audiences and receive huge salaries. But this is not at all a guarantee that the guest star will make the film a one-two punch at the box office. There are also box office failures for films starring A-list Hollywood celebrities. And this happens quite often...

"Running Man"

Viewers did not rate this adaptation very highly - the budget was $27,000,000, and it grossed just over $38,000,000.


In 1994, Hollywood directors did not yet understand that audiences wanted to see Arnold in “action films” and action fantasy, and not in comedies. Well, let's be honest, "Junior" is not the funniest comedy we've seen...

The film's budget was $60,000,000 and the box office gross was just over $108,000,000.

"Batman and Robin"

The 1997 film "Batman and Robin" can easily be considered the worst film about the adventures of the Dark Knight on the streets of Gotham City. Although the studio attracted a star cast, and “Iron Arnie” received $25,000,000 for the role of Mr. Freeze, which is 25 times more (!!!) than the fee of the leading actor George Clooney, the film was cursed, unanimously cursed by viewers and critics, as a result, the 125,000,000 budget (plus advertising costs) could not collect even 238,000,000 dollars, plus eleven (!!!) nominations for the Golden Raspberry...


Apart from Arnold's early works, many critics call the 2001 film "Reparations" one of the actor's worst works. We’re used to seeing characters played by Arnie, who defeats enemies in batches, but here we were given some kind of melodrama with emotional experiences. So the budget of $85,000,000 (plus advertising) brought in a little over $78,000,000.

"Hero's return"

After a long break, Arnold returned to the big screen in 2013 in a leading role. And judging by the collections of the film "The Return of the Hero", it would be better for him not to do this, or to wait for a more successful project - a budget of $45,000,000, collected a little over $48,000,000.


Sabotage is another 2013 action film starring Arnold. And again, the actor’s fans weren’t particularly happy with the film, and the critics had an angry, loud word about the events taking place on the silver screen. Well, not all is well with the money - the budget amount of $35,000,000 slightly exceeded $22,000,000 at the global box office.


Arnold Schwarzenegger in a zombie movie? That's why we'll see hordes of the living dead, big "guns" and the coolest main character possible! Yes? No! This is a melodrama on the theme of zombies, in which for some reason Arnie was lured. As a result, a small budget of $8,500,000 did not bring in even $1,400,000. Because there is no need to make such films with such actors ;).

"Terminator: Dark Fate"

The Terminator franchise quickly went downhill after the second or third film, and in 2019 the bottom was finally reached. Did you know while watching Judgment Day that the Terminator would sew curtains? If someone told you that, you would twirl your finger at your temple...

Absolutely everything in Terminator: Dark Fate is bad. There is not a single bright spot in it. The film's budget was $185,000,000, but viewers contributed a little more than $261,000,000 to the box office.

"The Mystery of the Dragon Seal"

2019 was not the most successful year for Arnold's films. Now, although the seven-time Mr. Olympia appeared in the film “The Mystery of the Dragon Seal,” it didn’t bring much money, and the failure of this fantastic film story became even more noticeable. 49,000,000 dollars budget, collected a little more than 14,000,000 at the worldwide box office...

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