17 people who were struck down by an acute attack of laziness (18 photos)

15 June 2024
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They say that laziness is the engine of progress, and in order not to bother too much, people come up with all sorts of strange things to make their lives easier.

Being lazy is not that easy! After all, if you don’t want to do something, then you’ll have to figure out how to avoid it. For example, what should you do if all the clean dishes in the house are gone, but you don’t want to wash them? What if you’re too lazy to even get out of bed to turn off the light? Lazy people have to deal with such problems every day, and often they brilliantly find a way out of the situation. We can only watch and experience extremely ambivalent feelings!

My dog is used to me playing with him right from home

Monstrous laziness or a brilliant move?

It seems my reluctance to wash dishes has gone too far.

Happy birthday Anna/Happy birthday Brianna

Three months have passed between these holidays!

And here you can’t even immediately tell what’s wrong

How do I turn off the lights when I don't want to get up?

My friend is not only lazy, but also very inventive

In our company we use only the latest technologies. If you're not lazy

Again there is not a single clean plate left

And I thought I was the laziest in the family...

Hmm, but this packaging can also be used instead of dishes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how lazy are you? I:

Well, at least they weren’t too lazy to attach a bow, that’s good

Come to the park with a chair to rock your child while sitting

How in my opinion you should cook a burrito

On the planet of lazy people, this is considered a culinary masterpiece.

The last couple of meters turned out to be too much

And in general, separating them would be barbaric

I moved the monitor to the nightstand because I was too lazy to go to the desk

My desk is on the right.

Well, let's hope that sometimes laziness is just a way to save energy for something more useful.

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