The best films based on real events (61 photos)

3 June 2024
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Do you like to watch movies knowing that the story on the screen once actually happened? This selection contains the strongest and best films based on real events in the history of cinema.

The most exciting adventures, inspiring success stories, breathtaking victories and tragic events. All this is vividly and realistically shown to the audience by the creators of sixty amazing films that every lover of good cinema should watch.

1. Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation

Plot: The list of films based on real events opens with the relatively recent film “Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation”. The action is based on a series of terrorist attacks in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai in 2008. One of the terrorists' targets was the luxurious Taj Mahal hotel.

The whole chain of events unfolds in the film in a vivid and exciting way, which makes everyone who watches it worry a lot. Together with the main characters, guests and employees of the captured hotel, the viewer finds himself in the thick of things and observes the brutal actions of the invaders.

Ratings:7.6 IMDb

2. The invisible side

Plot: This Oscar-winning film is based on the true story of a strong and promising football player, Michael Oher. He was a street kid, but the boy's life changed when a wealthy white family took him in and raised him to become an NFL star.

No one took the black, fat, and academically unsuccessful teenager seriously. No attention was paid to him until good people from a rich family accepted him into their home. It turned out that sincere love, care and support can work real miracles.

Ratings:7.7 IMD

3. My name is Khan

Plot: Those looking for the best films based on real events should definitely watch the film “My Name is Khan.” It has everything: comedy, drama, thriller, melodrama, laughter and tears.

The plot centers on Muslim Rizwan Khan, who moved to San Francisco and found his little happiness: a beautiful wife, beloved son and a small business.

The calm life collapsed after the tragedy of September 11, because of which the attitude of Americans towards Muslims became sharply negative. The main character decided to travel across America to personally meet the president and tell him: “My name is Khan. And I'm not a terrorist."

Ratings:8.0 IMDb

4. Promise at Dawn

Plot: A stunning adaptation of the autobiographical novel by writer Romain Gary. The film takes the viewer to provincial Poland, where a single mother and a very strong woman, living in a squalid courtyard and in complete poverty, raises her son to be a successful man.

Nobody believes that anything will come of this; many openly laugh at the main character. But she desperately believes and diligently devotes herself entirely to raising and educating her son, without doubting that he will become a great man.

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

5. Aviator

Plot: Do you want to review all the best films based on real events? Then it’s definitely worth stopping at this picture. It attracts attention from the very first minutes of viewing and instantly charges the main character with tireless enthusiasm.

Howard Hughes is a successful entrepreneur who managed to turn his father's small factory into a huge corporation. But he is not going to stop - he is making the largest and most expensive film of his time. Each of his frames was long and painstakingly worked on, and then enthusiastically received by the audience. However, this is not enough for Howard, new ideas are rapidly born in his head... It is about such people that they say: “Madmen who change the world.”

Ratings:7.5 IMDb

6. Moth

Plot: Fans of prison escape films based on real events should watch this film. Safecracker Henri Charrière, nicknamed "The Moth", was accused of a murder he did not commit and sent to a colony on Devil's Island in Guiana.

From the very first minute of being in prison for dangerous criminals, the main character decided that he was not going to stay. Now his thoughts are full of different escape schemes, but what will he have to go through to gain freedom?

Ratings:7.1 IMDb

7. The Greatest Showman

Plot: Spectacular and exciting musical, perfect for family viewing. In the center of the plot, Phineas Barnum is the poor son of a tailor, an ordinary working-class man and, nevertheless, a very enterprising and tenacious craftsman. He longs to create and create something new and unusual.

The difficult financial situation of the family pushes him to create a very interesting show. He collects all kinds of people with special needs from all the traveling circuses and arranges a bright program with them, turning the freaks into real stars.

We remind you about the gorgeous soundtracks, so pay special attention to the sound equipment when watching. In the film, all the actors sing in their own voices.

Ratings:7.6 IMDb

8. The Man Who Knew Infinity

Plot: A dramatic film about the brilliant self-taught mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. A poignant and exciting story will appeal even to those who know nothing about the exact sciences.

The main character just recently got married and is desperately looking for some kind of work. Mathematics is just a hobby for now, but his boss persistently asks him to develop his abilities and leave India. A young Indian comes to Britain and is given a very cold reception. Now the hero faces a long and very difficult path, where every day he will have to break stereotypes and prove his genius.

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

9. Terminal

Plot: An incredibly touching film based on an amazing and unusual, but true story. The plot centers on the kind, naive and completely simple hero Viktor Navorski. Due to political inconsistencies, he found himself trapped between two countries - the terminal, where he had to spend nine months.

Here he will live a little life, having managed to get comfortable and get used to living at the airport. Here he will meet love, make enemies, make new acquaintances and find himself in many comical situations.

Ratings:7.3 IMDb

10. Pursuit of happiness

Plot: A film for fans of not only films based on real events, but also inspiring, motivating films. Chris Gardner is an unsuccessful single father struggling to raise his five-year-old son. He is desperately trying to make ends meet, but their financial situation is getting worse.

However, Chris is not one of those people who despair and give up. Every day he enters into a new struggle for a bright future in order to provide his beloved son with a happy childhood.

Ratings:8.0 IMDb

11. Substitution

Plot: A shocking and incredible story that happened in the 20s of the last century in California. Single mother Christine Collins returns home from work to find her nine-year-old son missing. The woman turns to the police, sincerely hoping that the child will be found quickly.

Soon the woman is told good news: her son has been found alive and unharmed. But when Christine saw the boy, she realized that this was not her child. However, the police continue to insist that it is her son and call off the search.

Ratings:7.7 IMDb

12. 12 years a slave

Plot: A tragic story about a strong man, Solomon Northup, who was taken into slavery by deception and lived for 12 years in unbearable conditions, changing several owners.

Solomon was a free, educated and family man. He played the violin beautifully and lived a happy life. One day he was offered a good job in Washington, and it took a tragic turn. Solomon was deceived and found himself in slavery, where he would have to go through the most terrible trials in order to regain freedom.

Ratings:8.1 IMDb

13. Hacksaw Ridge

Plot: A strong and touching film about a simple man and a real hero - Desmond Doss. He goes to war, even though it goes against his beliefs. He wants to repay his debt to his homeland, because his father went through the war and his brother signed up as a volunteer. But Dezmon refuses to take up arms and kill.

However, he found his place at the front and was able to accomplish the feat. He served as a medic and during the Battle of Okinawa single-handedly saved 75 fellow soldiers, for which he was awarded a high award.

Ratings:8.1 IMDb

14. Agora

Plot: An interesting historical film about the delightful woman Hypatia, who sincerely believed in the power of science and natural truth and was obsessed with the thirst for knowledge. It was she who owned one of the best inventions - a device for measuring the density of liquids - a hydrometer.

Hypatia had to live in a difficult time: the moment of the formation of Christianity - a new world religion. This faith became a strong opponent not only of paganism, but also of the developed ancient culture. But the main character is alien to fanaticism and blind faith - she is an ardent supporter of science and is ready

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

15. Neerja

Plot: A stunning and dramatic film dedicated to the memory of an amazingly strong girl, Neerja Bhanot. Having built a career as a successful fashion model, she got married, but did not find happiness in family life. After leaving her husband and not wanting to be dependent, she got a job at an airline.

In September 1986, a couple of days before her 23rd birthday, she was working on board a plane that was hijacked by terrorists. Thanks to her professionalism and incredible strength of character, the girl managed to save the lives of more than three hundred passengers at the cost of her life.

Ratings:7.7 IMDb

16. 127 hours

Plot: Those who are looking for films based on real events and that can really tickle their nerves should definitely watch “127 Hours.” In the center of the plot is a young athlete Aron, unable to sit still, who sets off on another journey.

The hero conquers the canyons alone, but suddenly finds himself in a trap that threatens him with death. More than five days of hunger, thirst and unsuccessful attempts to get out. What can a man, distraught with despair, do to be free again?

Ratings:7.6 IMDb

17. Voice of the streets

Plot: Becoming one of the highest-grossing musical biographical films, it tells the story of the American hip-hop group N.W.A. Five friends lived in a disadvantaged area where it is dangerous to go outside even during the day. But it scares the guys.

The heroes are trying with all their might to make their dream come true - to become musicians and become famous throughout the world. Unknown guys are writing lyrics and preparing their first album. After its release, unexpected and dizzying success befalls them, but will everything continue to be as smooth?

Ratings:7.9 IMDb

18. Big game

Plot: This film is the biographical story of a very strong woman, Molly Bloom. All her life, since childhood, she tried to prove to others and herself that she was capable of creating something truly successful, and she succeeded.

Molly built the most famous underground casino in Hollywood, where big shots - show business stars, actors, oligarchs - visited every day. Big bets, crazy money, thirst for profit. And everything, like in a casino, is so fragile that it can collapse in one moment.

Ratings:7.5 IMDb

19. Deepwater horizon

Plot: This film is based on a terrible accident that occurred in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico on the Deepwater Horizon oil platform. The plot centers on a close-knit team led by Mike Williams, who has earned a serious reputation among his colleagues.

Mike is an exemplary family man who chose the most difficult and dangerous job on the platform in order to feed his family. The next shift promised to be no different from hundreds of others, but this day became a serious and deadly test for the entire team, which had to show considerable courage.

Ratings:7.1 IMDb

20. French transit

Plot: French crime thriller dedicated to the sad events when, in the late 70s, Marseille, conveniently located on the Mediterranean coast, became one of the largest transit points for drug trafficking.

A young judge for especially serious crimes, Pierre Michel, moves there and immediately decides to deal with the mafia supplying America with drugs. He is a kind of idealist - he does not take bribes, does not sleep with women and does not even drink. Will he be able to single-handedly break a system riddled with blood, lies and corruption?

Ratings:7.1 IMDb

21. Founder

Plot:MacDonald`s is a world-famous fast food chain, and “The Founder” is a film about the man who was at the origins of its creation. This is the story of an ordinary household appliances dealer who managed to open and expand a huge chain of restaurants across America.

Ray Kroc is a tenacious and enterprising man. And also unprincipled and ready for any scam to gain profit. He sees the prospect and knows how to take advantage of it. Many consider him to be such a bastard, but could anyone else create something like this?

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

22. Race

Plot: For those who love films based on real events about sports and racing. This is a powerful and poignant film that is considered the best adaptation of a race story in the history of cinema.

This is a film about the life and confrontation of two legendary racers - James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The first is a charming playboy and a risk-taker. The second is a disciplined and pedantic perfectionist who prefers to calculate everything. They will face many difficult challenges, but they are ready to do anything to win on the track.

Ratings:8.1 IMDb

23. 38th parallel

Plot: A story about the fate and development of complex fraternal relations against the backdrop of the terrible Korean War. After the death of his father, the older brother always protects the younger one. He even drops out of school to work and provide Jin-suk with further education.

But he failed to save him from the war and the recruiters. Together they, inexperienced and untrained, were sent to the front line, where the older brother still stood up to protect the younger. But at one point the prospects for a successful military career forced him to change his priorities.

Ratings:8.1 IMDb

24. Thoughts on freedom

Plot: An amazingly kind and bright story about true friendship. A film that is perfect for family viewing. This is a story about a twelve-year-old boy, Xen, who lives on a farm in South Africa with his family. One day, he and his father find a tiny cheetah, whose mother was torn apart by lions, and take him home.

The animal is growing. And his stay among people becomes dangerous. The son and his father have already outlined a place where they will release him into the wild, but the father suddenly dies. Xen is forced to leave with his mother, and it is decided to hand over the cheetah to the zoo. But the boy is determined to bring the animal back to life in freedom, runs away from home and embarks on an epic journey with his best friend.

Ratings:7.3 IMDb

25. The Untouchables

Plot: French crime drama based on the story of a famous group operating in France in the 70s. They called themselves "The Untouchables" and robbed banks like nuts all over the country. They acted according to one rule - no blood and a minimum of violence.

The story is told from the perspective of Edmond Vidal, the man who was at the forefront of the creation of the group. Despite his criminal life, he is a man of honor. And even when it comes to crimes, he has his own firm principles.

Ratings:7.0 IMDb

26. Dallas Buyers Club

Plot: Ron Woodroof's life changes dramatically when he is unexpectedly diagnosed with AIDS. It was impossible to believe, but the doctors were not joking and claimed that she had only a month to live.

Ron is not one of those guys who despairs and gives up. He definitely doesn’t intend to say goodbye to life so quickly and begins to look for experimental drugs. It gradually turns out that there are many people around with the same diagnosis. And Ron opens the Dallas Buyers Club, where he secretly distributes medicine to other infected people.

Ratings:8.0 IMDb

27. Munich

Plot: One of Steven Spielberg's strongest and best films, which received five Oscar nominations. It touches on the events that took place during the 1972 Munich Olympics. Eleven Israeli athletes were taken hostage and killed by terrorists

The events themselves are mentioned only at the beginning, and the main action of the film shows what happened after. The way a MOSSAD agent and his colleagues, one by one, track down and destroy people involved in the death of athletes.

Ratings:7.6 IMDb

28. 1+1

Plot: It’s not without reason that this picture ended up in the TOP of the best films based on real events. A charming French comedy based on a touching story, it instantly fell in love with millions of viewers.

The wealthy aristocrat Phillip is completely paralyzed, confined to a wheelchair and in need of an intelligent assistant. Driss, a black guy just released from prison, of course had no chance of getting this job. However, by some miracle he ended up in Phillip’s house, and this completely turned the lives of both heroes upside down.

Ratings:8.5 IMDb

29. The King speaks!

Plot: Prince George VI has to take the place of king, which is the last thing he wants. But there are no other options, because the father died, and the older brother abandoned the throne in favor of love. The main character has a serious problem - nervous stuttering. In particularly exciting moments, he cannot squeeze out a word at all. Well, who will take such a king seriously?

He is ready to give up, but his wonderful wife turns to a new speech therapist - Lionel Logue. Their relationship with the prince will be difficult, but what result will this lead to?

Ratings:8.0 IMDb

30. Social network

Plot: This film shows us a young student, future billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. One girlfriend treated him not too politely, and he, being well versed in computers, created a website where he skillfully insulted all the girls at the university, comparing them to animals.

The site instantly gained wild popularity, and then Mark had the idea of creating a network in which university students could find each other, communicate, and exchange photos. This is how Facebook* appeared - the most popular social network in the world.

Ratings:7.7 IMDb

31. Life is beautiful

Plot: This is a story about a young 27-year-old guy named Adam. He is an ambitious journalist, works on the radio, communicates with cool people, meets a nice girl, enjoys life and confidently looks into a bright future.

All his hopes for happiness were dashed when a harmless back pain turned out to be a deadly tumor. Adam understands that now his life could end at any moment, but he is not going to lose heart. His best friend is very supportive, and together they manage to find a lot of positive aspects in this situation.

Ratings:7.7 IMDb

32. Jungle

Plot: The film is based on the book by traveler Yossi Ginsberg, where he described his adventures in the jungle, bordering on survival. As a young dreamer, he dreamed of going on a journey and, finally plucking up the courage, went to Bolivia to conquer the jungle with a group of other adventurers.

Everything went smoothly in the first days, and then one trouble began to give way to another. The guide disappeared without a trace, and the group members were left in the middle of a hostile nature without the ability to call for help and without the slightest idea where to look for salvation.

Ratings:6.7 IMDb

33. Knockdown

Plot: A film that immediately became a huge success among viewers. It tells the story of the famous heavyweight boxer Jim Braddock. But this film is not about boxing, but about life and the terrible times of the economic crisis in America that the hero and his family had to endure.

After a crushing defeat and injury, Braddock loses his championship and is forced to leave the ring. He and his family are in dire straits, the Great Depression finally brings him to his knees, forcing him to take on any job. But one day luck smiles on the athlete. He has a chance to return to the ring, and he should never miss it...

Ratings:8.0 IMDb

34. Mind games

Plot: A bright and unusual story telling about a real person. A truly stunning film with cool plot twists. The film tells the story of the scientist John Nash, a brilliant mathematician and a great man.

Already as a student, he was immersed in science, and as a result, practically socially unadapted. He had no friends, he did not know how to communicate with people. Only his best friend Charles, with whom they spent many hours in philosophical conversations. And also the beautiful Alicia, with whom John falls in love and marries. And everything would be fine if it weren’t for the sudden revelation of schizophrenia...

Ratings:8.2 IMDb

35. Dunkirk

Plot: Those who love films based on real events about the war will certainly like Dunkirk. An excellent action-packed film from a talented director, showing a real story that happened at the beginning of the Second World War.

Almost four hundred thousand soldiers found themselves on the seashore in the small French town of Dunkirk. On the one hand there is water, on the other there are the fascists who are inexorably advancing. Enemy fighters are on top, and evacuation ships are on the water, sinking one after another. However, at the cost of superhuman efforts, more than three hundred thousand soldiers were saved.

Ratings:7.9 IMDb

36. The Wolf of Wall Street

Plot: This is a surprisingly vivid and extraordinary biography of the smartest and most charismatic broker on Wall Street - Jordan Belfort. This black comedy plunges the viewer into the crazy world of money, luxury, drugs and money fraud.

The young protagonist, played by the unrivaled Leonardo DiCaprio, is a true financial genius. With the help of clever stock tricks, an innate gift of persuasion and unique charisma, he has amassed a fortune in money laundering and is living a crazy life.

Ratings:8.2 IMDb

37. In the spotlight

Plot: A truly powerful film, which was received with a bang by audiences and critics, received two Oscars and is definitely recommended for viewing by absolutely every lover of good cinema.

We are presented with a great work of journalists from the American newspaper The Boston Globe. They conducted an in-depth journalistic investigation, bringing to public attention the biggest sex scandal in history. They revealed the terrible truth about “pedophiles in robes” - multiple cases of pedophilia by representatives of the Church, acquiring a shocking scale.

Ratings:8.1 IMDb

38. Survivor

Plot: The same film, after which Leonardo DiCaprio won the long-awaited Oscar, is based on real events from the life of colonist Hugh Glass. The setting is the Wild West. In the cold season, the hunter, together with his son and a small detachment, collects furs in the territory of the Indians.

One day the Indians attack their camp and mercilessly kill all the whites. Miraculously, Glass and his son manage to survive, but what awaits him next is much worse. You will have to make superhuman efforts to save your life.

Ratings:8.0 IMDb

39. Leo

Plot: A kind and touching story telling about the difficult fate of Saroo, an adult young man who grew up in a foster family. He was once a boy from the slums, but at the age of five he was torn from his family and taken thousands of kilometers away.

Saroo came into a wonderful family and was raised by kind and loving people. Despite his gratitude and love for them, the hero was haunted by thoughts of his own parents. Determined to find them, he set off on a long journey, where many trials awaited him.

Ratings:8.1 IMDb

40. Kon-Tiki

Plot: This film is deservedly included in the list of films based on real events, because it vividly and excitingly tells about the incredible adventures of the world famous traveler Thor Heyerdahl. This is a brave explorer who decided to cross the Pacific Ocean on a small raft made of logs along with several comrades.

Their adventures are breathtaking. Storms, storms, huge sea creatures - it is almost impossible to survive in such conditions. But Heyerdahl is not one to give up quickly.

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

41. Unconquered

Plot: A wonderful biographical film centered on a world-famous figure - former South African President Nelson Mandela. He was the main and most revered person in his country, who will forever remain in world history as a persistent fighter for justice and equality.

The film covers only a segment of his life, which begins from the moment of his release from prison, where he spent almost thirty years, until the day when the nation that trusted him could finally forget the word “apartheid”.

Ratings:7.3 IMDb

42. In the Valley of Elah

Plot: The film is based on real events based on a story that the director once read in a magazine. The film touches on the problem of the war in Iraq and soldiers, young guys who never return from the war the same.

The main character, Hank Deerfield, is a retired military man and a true patriot. His son went through the war, but remained alive. But suddenly his father finds out that he has left the military base and gone AWOL. Deerfield wants to find out for himself what caused this behavior, begins an investigation and learns the terrible truth...

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

43. Power

Plot: A film about one of the most secretive and powerful US politicians - the 46th Vice President Dick Cheney. The creators managed to cover almost his entire life, from alcoholism and work as an electrician to entering the government and becoming one of the most influential people.

Using his unique powers of persuasion and keen intelligence, Cheney gained unlimited power and access to the highest levels. He became an invisible puppet master, quietly running the country from behind President George W. Bush.

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

44. Fighter

Plot: The story of boxer Mickey Ward and his difficult path to the title of world champion. The film is about a boxer, but not about boxing. Most of the story is occupied by his life, experiences, relationships with his girlfriend and family.

Ward is a simple guy from the people who worked on the road between fights. He has a special family, a difficult relationship with his brother, a drug addict, and his mother, who was also his manager. On the path to success, he had to endure many difficulties and failures, but Mickey persistently moved forward.

Ratings:7.8 IMDb

45. Short Game

Plot: The 2008 global crisis was predicted by several different financial professionals back in 2005. They, unwittingly, decide to make money on it.

One of the characters comes to the disappointing conclusion that the mortgage market will soon collapse, and this will provoke a global crisis. It turned out to be impossible to convince higher-ups that a catastrophe was approaching. Undeterred, he bets on a decline - that is, on a loss, on the collapse of the entire real estate market.

Ratings:7.8 IMDb

46. Love is a disease

Plot: The film tells a love story between an American and a Pakistani man, about the problem of interracial relations and the clash of cultures. The plot centers on a young guy who moved to America with his parents as a child. His relatives honor the traditions, culture and religion of their country, and are also looking for a Pakistani bride for him.

The hero himself has little connection with indigenous traditions. He works part-time as an Uber driver, lives with a strange neighbor, dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian and performs in a bar. That's where he meets Emily...

Ratings:7.6 IMDb

47. Saving Private Ryan

Plot: A talented film by Steven Spielberg, warmly received by critics and audiences and becoming one of the best films about the Second World War in the history of cinema.

In one morning, a mother receives mournful telegrams about the death of three of her sons in the war. Only Ryan remains alive so far, but he is also somewhere behind enemy lines. It was decided to demobilize him and send him home to his inconsolable mother, and a detachment of eight people was sent to search for him. They have to go through a difficult path, full of terrible trials and hardships of war.

Ratings:8.6 IMDb

48. Peaceful Warrior

Plot: A great film adaptation of the autobiography of gymnast Dan Millman for those looking for sports films based on real events. This is a film about incredible willpower and the pursuit of a dream, overcoming any obstacles.

Dan Millman is a successful and talented gymnast and a top college athlete. He dreams of competing at the Olympic Games, he has a bright and eventful life - a wonderful girlfriend, friends, noisy parties. Everything changes after a serious injury, when the hero realizes that he still has a lot to learn.

Ratings:7.3 IMDb

49. Zodiac

Plot: The film about the legendary maniac begins in 1969 and covers a whole decade, during which a mysterious villain kept the whole city in fear. A mysterious man nicknamed Zodiac committed senseless murders and then sent encrypted letters to the police.

No one knew who he was or where he was, and meanwhile he skillfully blackmailed law enforcement officials, demanding that his messages be published in the press and threatening to increase the number of brutal murders.

Ratings:7.7 IMDb

50. The Imitation Game

Plot: A strong, touching and dramatic film telling about the war and post-war years in the life of the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing. When he was a 27-year-old university professor, he was recruited by the British government to crack the highly complex algorithm of the German Enigma cipher machine.

This monstrous machine drove the British crazy, almost forcing them to surrender to the enemy. Turing worked hard, and the background of his work on the decryption shows his difficult fate.

Ratings:8.0 IMDb

51. Twenty one

Plot: Ben plans to go to Harvard, but is faced with a cruel reality: besides him, about seventy other brilliant students with an impeccable resume are vying for one scholarship. Now he urgently needs to find three hundred thousand dollars somewhere.

At the same time, a vacant position opens up in a group of student adventurers led by a teacher. They are going to spend the weekend in Vegas, where, using ingenious tricks, they make good money. Ben joins their company and seems to find a way to find the right amount...

Ratings:6.8 IMDb

52. Operation Argo

Plot: A very tense political thriller that received seven Academy Award nominations. The film takes place in 1979 in Iran. The American embassy is seized by an angry crowd, dissatisfied with the authorities and the laws imposed by America.

The six manage to escape and hide in the house of the Canadian ambassador, but as soon as they step outside, the crowd literally tears them apart. The US government has no idea how to get them out of the country until CIA agent Tony Mendez comes up with an unexpected and unusual solution.

Ratings:7.7 IMDb

53. And the storm struck

Plot: During a major storm in 1952, 2 tankers catastrophically crashed off the coast of a small town - they were simply broken in half. The crew is trying to keep the ship afloat and survive, without even hoping for help.

A group of rescuers was sent to the wrecked tankers, but they also had a hard time - on a flimsy wooden boat they float out to sea almost at random, risking death in the midst of the raging elements. Will they be able to reach the ship without sinking halfway?

Ratings:6.8 IMDb

54. Breathe for us

Plot: A strong and inspiring picture, which is deservedly included in the TOP films based on real events, tells us about the true strong love of two very strong people.

Happy and loving newlyweds immediately after the wedding are faced with a terrible tragedy: the young husband becomes seriously ill and is given a terrible diagnosis. Very little time passes, and he finds himself completely paralyzed, bedridden and deprived of the desire to live. He wants to die, but his wife does not allow him to even think about it and does everything to return the joy of life to her beloved.

Ratings:7.1 IMDb

55. Miracle on the Hudson

Plot: This film shows that real heroes can be the most ordinary people who walk among us every day. One of these heroes was American civil airline pilot Chelsea Sullenberg. During one of the flights, an emergency situation arose, and Sullenberg made the only right decision: to land the airliner on the cold water of the Hudson River.

Thanks to the pilot’s action, the lives of hundreds of passengers were saved, but recognition did not await the hero. He had to face a sad bureaucracy that could make an outcast out of anyone.

Ratings:7.5 IMDb

56. The drunkest county in the world

Plot: Place and time of action - the American South during the Great Depression and at the height of Prohibition. Many were then involved in the production and illegal sale of alcohol, and the authorities tried to deal with them in every possible way.

The protagonist's family is also involved in prohibited business. He is the youngest of three brothers and wants to play a slightly larger role in the family. Wanting to show that he is capable of something, he and a friend make a big sale, and this becomes the reason for further development of the action.

Ratings:7.3 IMDb

57. Made in America

Plot: A biographical film about the colorful life of an amazingly dexterous man, Adler Berrymani Strength. He became one of the youngest pilots in the history of civil aviation. Determined and successfully building his career, he quickly and easily received a pilot's license.

From this moment his grand adventures begin. He earned a lot of money, simultaneously working for the CIA and the drug mafia, and skillfully leading his employers by the nose. Talented and promising, he skillfully led a double life, received a lot of orders and good money.

Ratings:7.2 IMDb

58. Sacrificing a pawn

Plot: The grand confrontation between two brilliant chess players - the American Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky - went down in history. The height of the Cold War between America and the USSR. The whole world will watch the chess battle, because Fischer declared that he would win, despite the fact that the Americans had never managed to do this.

Bobby Fischer is close to victory, but in the process he begins to slowly go crazy. The reasons for this are hidden in the peculiarities of his personality, and all of them are perfectly revealed in the film.

Ratings:7.0 IMDb

59. Pearl Harbor

Plot: A tragic story of love and a love triangle against the background of the Second World War, in which two pilot friends had to participate. Rafe and Danny grew up together and like brothers to each other. Both dreamed of aviation and become pilots. Rafe begins an affair with nurse Evelyn, but is forced to leave to fight in England.

Denny and Evelyn remain to serve at Pearl Harbor and, when news of Rafe's death arrives, they become very close and become lovers. Everything suddenly changes when it turns out that Rafe miraculously managed to survive and returns home...

Ratings:6.1 IMDb

60. Fearless

Plot: Completing the list of films based on real events is a film about the lone warrior Huo Yuanjia, who learns his fighting style, the capabilities of his body, and along with it life itself, which takes many years.

Dreaming of becoming a fighter like his father, Ho trains hard, wins many fights and achieves success. He is sobered by the tragedy - death is near. The hero leaves the familiar world and settles in a small village, where he will have to change his views on many things.

Ratings:7.7 IMDb

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