They took their request too literally (17 photos)

5 July 2024
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It seems that sometimes others take our requests too literally! For example, like this.

When we ask for something, we often prepare ourselves in advance for the fact that we will receive something completely different from what we wanted. After all, how many cases of “expectation and reality” do we already know? All the more amazing are those moments when our wishes come true. If you wanted a kilogram of tomatoes, here’s a giant tomato, you asked for an iced latte, and a pile of ice is already lying next to your coffee...

My husband made me weak tea

This is not spaghetti, I asked for a little more cheese

I ordered a cap for a 25mm lens. That's right, the diameter of the cover is exactly 25 mm

For my birthday I wanted a corgi cake

We asked the farmer to bring us a kilogram of tomatoes. We received a kilogram of tomato

I asked my teacher to write “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in anime style. He painted an entire oil painting!

When you go to McDonald's just out of boredom

It was boring, so I decided to see what would happen if I ordered an ice cream sandwich. This is what they gave me.

I asked for more pepperoni.

The visitor ordered a vegetarian omelet with herbs and tomatoes

Told my daughter to hang up a new roll of paper

Dad ordered a salad for 20 people. They brought him 20 separate portions

My carelessness surprised no one at all.

When ordering pizza, I indicated the size “1 inch” instead of 10 inches. Done!

What happens when you order an iced latte?

I asked my husband to bring some ginger.

My friend doesn't like sesame seeds and asked me to make a burger with two bottom buns

Can I have some more sauce please?

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