18 films that became TV series (19 photos)

14 June 2024
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Moreover, you probably have never heard of the existence of many of these series. Unlike the films they were based on.

Filming a series, along with sequels or remakes, is the possible fate of a large number of successful films of the past and present. However, series created in the image and likeness of famous paintings have an important distinctive feature - they almost never involve the people who worked on the original. While someone from the cast may leak into a sequel, spin-off, or even a remake, this almost never happens in the case of TV series. Thus, all that remains from the original source is the title (sometimes slightly changed), as well as the characters (less often) or the concept (more often).

So, here are 18 serial rebirths of famous films.

1. Van Helsing (2004)

TV series: “Van Helsing” (2016-...).

2. Big Snatch (2000)

TV series: “Snatch” (2017-2018).

One of the roles in the series was played by Rupert Grint.

3. Psycho (1960)

TV series: “Bates Motel” (2013-2017).

The series is a prequel to the Alfred Hitchcock film.

4. Scream (1996)

TV series: “Scream” (2015-2019).

5. Lethal Weapon (1987)

TV series: “Lethal Weapon” (2016-2019).

6. Dirty Dancing (1987)

TV series: “Dirty Dancing: Just a Look” (1988-1989).

7. Evil Dead (1981)

TV series: “Ash vs. Evil Dead” (2015-2018).

In a rare case, the actor who played the main role in the original film series, Bruce Campbell, took part in the filming of the series.

8. Fargo (1996)

TV series: “Fargo” (2014-…)

The original film's creators, the Coen brothers, serve as executive producers on the series.

9. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

TV series: “10 Things I Hate About You” (2009-2010).

10. Real Ghouls (2014)

TV series: “What We Do in the Shadows” (2019-...).

11. The Exorcist (1973)

TV series: “The Exorcist” (2016-2017).

The series is a direct sequel to the original 1973 film.

12. Training Day (2001)

TV series: “Training Day” (2017).

13. Ferris Bueller Takes a Day Off (1986)

TV series: Ferris Bueller (1990-1991).

One of the roles in the series was played by Jennifer Aniston.

14. Minority Report (2002)

TV series: “Minority Report” (2015).

The series is a continuation of the original film.

15. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

TV series: “From Dusk Till Dawn” (2014-2016).

The series was created by the original film's director, Robert Rodriguez. The series features characters from the film, brothers Seth and Richie Gekko, played by other actors.

16. Areas of Darkness (2011)

TV series: “Areas of Darkness” (2015-2016).

The series is a continuation of the 2011 film. One of the producers of the series was the leading actor in the original film, Bradley Cooper.

17. RoboCop

TV series: “RoboCop” (1994).

Unlike the original series of films, the series is aimed at children and teenagers, so it does not contain the signature graphic violence of the original films of 1987 and 1990.

18. Terminator

TV series: “Terminator: Battle for the Future” (2008-2009).

The series is a sequel to the second film in the franchise, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991).

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