15 cases when people shared the results of their work (16 photos)

13 June 2024
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These pictures can also serve as an excellent motivator, because if the heroes of our selection managed to achieve the desired results, maybe we can too!

Patience has a golden mine - this expression is familiar to absolutely everyone. And among us there are people who are living proof that patience, perseverance, and most importantly, work will certainly lead a person to the desired result. Whether you want to lose weight by summer, learn to draw beautifully or cook deliciously - all this is possible if you persistently move towards your goal!

Today we have collected for you 15 cases where people shared the results of their work, and their progress is significant proof of the limitless capabilities of man.

A year ago I started doing patchwork. I made this blanket for my soon to be born nephew.

I baked croissants for a month to achieve the perfect dough.

I made a small rolling pin out of an ordinary log for my daughter, who likes to pretend to cook.

I've been crocheting toys for two years, and I'm inspired by my own progress.

I'm having a baby soon, and I decided to make a rocking chair.

Very often people do not dare to start doing something that interests them because they doubt that they will be able to achieve success in it. But in such cases, it is important to remember that efforts are always followed by results.

My stretching after two years of hard training

1 year of passion for astrophotography, and here is the result

My progress in drawing in two years

I wanted to make candles, and here is my progress in this matter

I really wanted to somehow improve this corner in my home, and here is the long-awaited result.

I spent several months landscaping my garden and am very pleased with the results.

In October I planted a couple of lemon seeds, and now I finally see the result of my efforts

My iron man suit in 2016 and 2019

I wanted to share my progress in needlework, which I have been doing for exactly one year

I'm trying to cycle more and have lost 49 kilos in the last two years.

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