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26 April 2024
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I offer a selection of photographs with the results of such unusual spontaneous experiments that answer the questions: “what will happen if ...”

What happens if you drop your phone in the sand? What will the library look like if it moves to a shopping center? What happens to coconut oil in the heat? It is unlikely that you have asked yourself or anyone else such questions. Well, only in the shower or before bed can such thoughts come. But the answers to them are still quite interesting to know. We have collected photos for you that answer the questions “what will happen if...”

My girlfriend dropped her phone in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and the magnet on her phone pulled the iron out of the sand.

If there is a hole in the blackout curtains, the room can turn into a camera obscura.

This is what happens if you leave sweet potatoes for too long

This is what happens if lightning strikes the sidewalk

Glacial water is so clear that if you put your hand in it, you can barely see the difference.

If you don't pick your salad in time, it will look like Christmas trees.

A turquoise sticky note was left in the office for 15 months and it turned green.

If you spray paint something, it may end up on the hair on your arms.

The gap in the door was able to divide the light into many parts

This is what happens if water freezes in a pipe

If the sun hits a door peephole, it can create a round rainbow like this

Here's What Happened to Coconut Oil After It Melted in the Heat

If you add lemon and lime to water, the lemon will float, the lime will sink to the bottom.

This is what will happen if the library moves to a supermarket

If you pour milk into a mug to the brim, it will seem that there is actually no milk, but the mug is hard

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