“The Matrix” is 25 years old: what the actors of the legendary action movie look like today and what they do (11 photos)

9 July 2024
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Remembering the revolutionary “The Matrix” in the world of cinema, one cannot help but mention the actors, thanks to whom some names became household names. How have the performers of the main and supporting roles changed over 25 years?

On March 31, the first “Matrix” turns 25! The Wachowski brothers' fantasy action movie in 1999 shocked the world community with the quality of its visual effects and the harmonious combination of philosophical thought and action. The film received four Oscars in the categories for sound quality and editing. The influence of the story about the confrontation between man and machines was so great that the “new” special effects instantly became a cliché, and in the art world they still make references to this work, not to mention the secondary products of the franchise: comics, anime and computer games.

Dujour - Ada Nicodemus

The same “white rabbit” that Neo followed at the beginning of the film on the orders of Morpheus. Today, the Australian actress writes books for children.

Agent Jones - Robert Taylor

Yes, there was more than just Agent Smith in The Matrix! The Australian actor has been appearing in drama and crime series for almost his entire career.

Mouse - Matt Doran

The youngest crew member who told Neo about the bizarre sensory perception in the Matrix. The actor who played his role is currently starring in various Australian films and TV series.

Switch - Belinda McClory

Another fearless team member. The actress has not acted in films since 2017.

Tank - Marcus Chong

Experienced Nebuchadnezzar operator. After the film's release, he spoke about the unfair treatment of the film's directors and unfulfilled promises. After 2013, he did not appear on screens as an actor.

Cypher - Joe Pantoliano

The crew member who betrayed the crew to Smith. He built a successful career in TV series, most notably for The Sopranos (1999–2007), for which he received an Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Agent Smith - Hugo Weaving

Hugo Weaving built an excellent film career, earning the respect and love of audiences and critics. Today he continues to act in films and TV series, as well as perform on the theater stage.

Morpheus - Laurence Fishburne

Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Val Kilmer were up for the role of Morpheus, but it went to Laurence Fishburne, whose image is now inseparable from the two pills offered to choose from. To this day, the actor can be seen in many films, for example, in 2023 it was announced that he would play an important role in the new season of The Witcher.

Trinity - Carrie-Anne Moss

No wonder the actress underwent physical tests! Both girls and boys went crazy from her acting and tricks! Kerry continues to act in films. In 2024, she is participating in two projects: the comedy drama “Chocolate Lizards” and the thriller “Acolyte.”

Neo - Keanu Reeves

“The Chosen One” Neo won the hearts of millions of viewers, and Keanu Reeves, despite difficult periods in his career and personal life, remains one of the most popular actors! In 2023, the fourth part of John Wick was released, recognized as the most successful among the last three.

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