Workdays of plumbers (31 photos)

8 July 2024
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Plumbing is one of those things that we take for granted. Usually people don’t even think about how important a role it plays in our lives: exactly until it breaks. And so that we don’t forget about this, the inhabitants of the r/Plumbing subreddit share funny and strange pictures of their working days and just observations from the outside.

1. “Maybe this is nothing special for plumbers, but as an electrician, I am very pleased to see such work.”

2. "The little guy I pulled out of the flooded underground yesterday. He's being bottle fed, he's getting better and looks healthy and happy."

3. "A vintage bathtub from a Newport mansion serves four types of water: hot and cold salt water and hot and cold fresh water."

4. "Several plumbers told me that I have the oldest water heater they've ever seen. What do you think?"

5. “They say I’m weird because I keep my work car clean and tidy.”

6. “Can you guess where the possible sewer pipe break is?”

7. “They helped me with the flange in the toilet today.”

8. “I’ll never unsee this now.”

9. "Hats off to this plumbing superstar! Recirculating floor heating with Tekmar control system"

10. How plumbers celebrate Halloween

11. "My view from the 'office' today"

12. “I love coming across antique ornate plumbing fixtures.”

13. "Aquarium room where I piped. 31 tanks with individual air supply, water recirculation, overflow and drain"

14. "They called you from the 80s"

15. “I came across this miracle at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.”

16. "Tip: If you're going to flush cat litter down the toilet... don't."

17. "Just saw this in Corvallis, Oregon."

18. "While you're here... Can you see why the dryer isn't working?"

19. “I explain to the owner that self-leveling grout cannot be placed in the floor drain.”

20. “The gas company claims there is no way they could have broken my sewer pipe when they installed the gas line. So, I did some digging…”

21. “That’s me in the photo getting ready to go into battle.”

22. “I am a very prestigious plumber today.”

23. “I'm not a plumber, but I came across this today while working on the ventilation.”

24. "Thought you'd like it"

25. "Candle on the cake for the plumber"

26. “The client couldn’t turn off the water in the toilet, so she smashed it with a hammer... I would, of course, recommend a different approach.”

27. “Found this in the wall of the house during renovation.”

28. "What idiot thought this was a good idea... Me. I'm that idiot."

29. "Environmentally friendly installation"

30. "Brilliant!"

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