Cult computer games of the 90s, which over time changed the genre and mechanics of the game (20 photos)

18 June 2024
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Most games don't change their genre or mechanics for decades. Only the graphics change and innovations are added, but the genre and mechanics themselves remain the same (Diablo, Doom, Call of Duty, Heroes of might and magic, etc.).

Nevertheless, there are many games that have changed their mechanics over time, and it is them that we will talk about today.

Duke Nukem

The first part of the cult game "Duke Nyukem" was released back in 1991 for computers running MS-DOS. This game was a classic 2D platformer where Duke had to go through levels, jump and destroy enemies.

The second part of the game was released in the same genre. Is that now Duke has been given his recognizable dark glasses, which were not there in the first part.

But in 1996, the most popular game in the series called “Duke Nyukem 3D” was released, where the three was both an indicator of three-dimensionality and a part number.

This game has already grown into a completely new genre for the series, “first-person shooter,” which gamers became familiar with several years earlier, thanks to games such as “Wolfenstein 3D” and “Doom.”


The first two parts of the game "Fallout" are truly cult games that you can play with pleasure to this day. The game is an RPG in an isometric style, where the hero has to complete missions, travel through cities and eliminate enemies.

The third part, under the working title "Van buuren", was also supposed to be released in a similar style, but in 3D format with the ability to rotate the camera. True, the game was not destined to be released, and gamers were only able to see a demo version of the game.

In 2004, Interplay sold the rights to Fallout to Bethesda, known for the games in the Elder scrolls series, and already in 2008 a completely new game, Fallout 3, was released in a completely new genre, combining a shooter first and third person, as well as RPG.

In this game, all the features and history of the classic “Fallout” were left, including the SPECIAL system, but the turn-based battle mode (VATS) became optional, and optionally, its system was also redesigned. In general, the game essentially became a post-apocalyptic "TES IV: Oblivion", which was released two years earlier.

Resident Evil

The first part of the game "Resident Evil" was released back in 1996 and instantly became a hit. The game was a survival horror in fixed camera mode. The next 2 parts of the game were released in exactly the same style.

But starting from the fourth part, the game changed its genre to a third-person action game, where the camera was assigned to the character, and not to the location.

But this is not the whole transformation. In the seventh and eighth parts, the game already becomes a first-person shooter. And in general, the concept of the game itself has ceased to be similar to the usual “Resident Evil”. If you remove Chris Redfield and the name “Resident Evil” from the game, you would never guess that this game is from the “Resident Evil” series.

Prince of Persia

The first part of the cult game "Prince of Persia" was released back in 1989 for Apple II computers, after which it was ported to other popular platforms, including the NES (Dendy). The game has a bunch of different sequels, but we will only take into account the classic trilogy.

The second part of the game "Prince of Persia 2: The shadow of flame" was made in the same style as the first, but had richer graphics.

But the third part, released in 1999, was released in 3D format, dramatically changing the genre and mechanics to a third-person action adventure with puzzles, acrobatics, several types of weapons and battles.

This part was the last in the classic series about the prince, after which this series was rebooted, and as a result we got a new series about the sands of time.


Old people who played the first GTA remember that the game was made with a top-down view. We had to play as a criminal who performs various tasks related to car theft, contract killings, etc.

A little later, an addition about London was released, as well as the second part, which were made in the same style, except that the second part already contained some elements of three-dimensionality.

But already in 2001, the third part of the game was released, which was presented as an adventure action game with a third-person view. And this style of play continues to this day.

One has only to take into account that in the third part of the game it was possible to play in the classic mode with a top view, but only while in the car. It was a kind of tribute to the first two parts of the game. Subsequent parts no longer have this option.

Golden Ax

Many gamers of the 90s became acquainted with the game "Golden Ax" back in the 90s on computers using MS-DOS and on Sega Mega Drive 2 consoles. The entire trilogy of the game was made in the same genre - Beat 'em up, including " Revenfe of Death Adder", released only in slot machines.

Except that the game "Golden Ax: Duel" was made in the form of a fighting game, but it is more of a spin-off than a change of genre.

But in 2008, the latest game in the “Golden Ax” series, called “Golden Ax: Beast rider,” was released. In this game, we can no longer choose characters, so players will have to play through the game only the fiery Amazon Tyris from the first two parts of the game.

But the most important thing is that the game was already in a completely different genre - a third-person action adventure, which is sharply different from the other games in the series. True, the fans received the game rather coldly, and the author of the original game even said that this was an outrage against the game.


The first part of the game "Postal" was released back in 1997 and was a 2D shooter in an isometric style, where the player still has to play as that same Dude and shoot enemies with a variety of weapons. Usually, survival-horor games are released in this genre.

According to the original idea, the main character was supposed to be a crazy postman who shot his grandmother, who turned out to be an alien, but later they decided to get rid of the aliens, making the main character just a crazy character.

The second part of the game was released in 2003 and presented the game in a completely different genre - first-person action. Many gamers became acquainted with the world of "Postal" from the second part. It’s hard to forget cats instead of a silencer, the ability to walk small at any time in the game, use a canister of matches, and so on.

The tasks themselves look very harmless at first (buy milk, sign a petition, give a book to the library, etc.), but in the end not a single mission is complete without a real “meat grinder”.

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