Not only people, but also animals can look bad in photographs (21 photos)

3 July 2024
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Even the most graceful animals have bad pictures, and what a few! They would clearly ask for these photos to be removed if they could talk.

What does any person do when he sees a cute animal, bird or fish? Of course, he takes out his phone and tries to win the title of best wildlife photographer! But not everyone is lucky in the difficult task of photographing, so instead of luxurious photographs, many end up with awkward, incomprehensible things, and even out of focus. But instead of suffering because of unsuccessful photographs, photographers share their failures with other such unfortunates. After all, it’s much more pleasant to giggle at your failures together!

1. See the majestic manatee!

2. Mysterious something

3. I was very proud of this photo of the raccoon until I thought he was yodeling. Now I can't unsee it

4. Pelicans were far from elegant

5. Toothy elk!

6. I give this photo 6.5 points out of 10

7. Here you go!

8. Cute photo of a frog that was sitting on my house

9. I looked under a stone, and from there this fish looked out at me

10. Don't take it off!

11. Now there will be a bite

12. Fox with high beams

13. I managed to film a capybara being bitten by a goose

14. The identity of this bird is classified.

15. A photo that describes the phrase “Never Give Up”

16. Just look at his face!

17. I wanted to take a picture of a seagull, but a sleepy pigeon entered the frame

18. After all these years, I can finally cross the albino deer photo off my list of dream shots.

19. This raccoon is all grace

20. Grace, elegance and majesty - this is all springbok

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