Everything in the world is relative and is known by comparison (17 photos)

1 July 2024
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I suggest you look at a selection of photographs that show that everything can be known by comparison.

There is nothing absolute in the world, and everything can be known only by comparison. Remember for yourself, for example, how the same period of time slowly drags on when you are sitting, for example, at a lecture, and how quickly the same number of minutes flies by when you are animatedly talking with friends. It’s the same with everything around: a person can be tall next to other people, but just a baby compared to some kind of animal. We have collected for you examples of photographs that show that everything can be known in comparison.

Tiger paw skeleton and human hand

Japan and Brazil

Photo of the jacket without flash and with flash

Hong Kong in 1964 and 2016

What did we order and what did we receive?

The claw of a male southern cassowary compared to a human hand

My last portrait using origami technique and my first attempt

Practice is the path to perfection.

Evgeny Stepanovich Kobytev. 1941 vs 1945, before and after the war

Me, who sits at home all day and plays video games, and my mom, who is a normal person.

My dad at 18 and at 77

Identical boots: one after a year of wear, and the other - new

Wild raspberries and garden

The sky is in front of me and behind me

Comparison of the metatarsal bone of a Tyrannosaurus rex and the hand of a 198 cm tall human

Regular window and smoker window

Banana tree leaf. Wife for comparison

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