Everything in the world is known by comparison (17 photos)

3 May 2024
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There is nothing absolute in the world.

What seems big to an ant will be small to an elephant. What is long for a person is just a moment on the scale of eternity. Everything is relative. Therefore, we decided to put together for you a selection of photographs and collages in which you can clearly see the difference between various things.

The air filter I just took out of the lawn mower and the one I replaced it with

Difference in lighting between my sister's room and my room at the same time of day

A new scratching post and the one that was scratched for 3 years

Barcelona day and night

He is 210 cm. She is 151 cm.

A toucan's beak compared to its skull

Titanic's propellers compared to people

My 20 year old childhood teddy bear and replica for my son

134 MB in 1995 vs 256 GB in 2021

5 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of muscle

5 pounds is 2.26 kg. With the same mass, fat has a much larger volume.

3 months and 6 months

Maine Coons grow very quickly.

This is how tomatoes grow in new soil and how they grow in old soil

This is what anemic blood looks like (right) compared to normal blood (left)

My drawings before and after starting ADHD treatment

ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

New boots and those that are 8 months old

Wolf footprint compared to hand

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