Actors who got tattoos in honor of their films (14 photos)

20 June 2024
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Of course, every actor will remember the main role in his career all his life. But some of them preferred that the reminder could not be erased under any circumstances.

Filming films and TV series is a long and complex process that remains in the hearts of the actors and the entire crew for a long time. Some are so imbued with the cinematic atmosphere that they even decide to keep a piece of their memory with them forever in the form of tattoos. Here are a few cases where actors found themselves wearing designs that were related to the projects they were starring in.

1. The actors who played in “The Avengers” got similar tattoos

Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth all got tattoos of each member of the Avengers team.

2. Lady Gaga and the film “A Star is Born”

The actress and singer got a tattoo of a rose and the phrase “la vie en rose.” This song was performed by her heroine in the film A Star is Born.

3. Emilia Clarke got a tattoo to commemorate her role in Me Before You

On Emilia’s little finger you can see a bumblebee - the same design is on the heroine Clarke in the book “Me Before You”.

4. Emilia Clarke and Game of Thrones

The actress signed a photo with a drawing of dragons on her hand with the phrase “I did it this way to be sure that the mother will never forget about her children.”

5. Sophie Turner also got a tattoo reminiscent of her participation in “Game of Thrones”

Sophie got a tattoo with the emblem of the House of Stark, to which her heroine Sansa belonged. The wolf’s head was complemented by the quote “The pack lives on.”

6. Sophie Turner also got a tattoo with a reminder of the movie “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”

A flame design appeared on the actress's finger, which is reminiscent of her heroine, Jean Grey.

7. The actors who played in “The Lord of the Rings” got matching tattoos.

They all filled themselves with the word "nine", written in Elvish.

8. Tom Hardy and his dispute with Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Hardy is the owner of a tattoo in the form of the phrase “Leo Knows All” (Leo knows everything). It was the result of a dispute between Hardy and DiCaprio: the actors argued about whether Hardy would be nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film The Revenant. DiCaprio believed that Hardy would receive the nomination, and he was right. As a result, Tom had to fill himself with the phrase that the winner chose.

9. The Suicide Squad team gave each other matching tattoos.

Participants in the film's filming got identical tattoos. Margot Robbie and Will Smith even took out a typewriter to stamp the word "SKWAD" on their co-stars.

10. The actresses of the series “Pretty Little Liars” got tattoos in honor of the end of filming of the series

The actresses stamped the first letters of their heroines' names on their index fingers.

11. Florence Pugh got a tattoo in honor of the movie "Midsummer"

The design on the actress's hand depicts a maypole - a reference to the thriller "Solstice", which takes place during the celebration of the summer solstice.

12. Tom Holland and his Spider-Man tattoo

The actor got a tattoo in honor of his hero on his foot.

13. Johnny Depp liked his hero's tattoo and got one for himself

Jack Sparrow, played by Depp, has a tattoo of a swallow. The actor liked it, and after filming ended, he made a similar drawing for himself, only changing it a little. On Depp's tattoo, the swallow is turned the other way, and under it appears the inscription "Jack" - this is the name of Depp's son.

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