17 tricks invented by people to solve a variety of everyday situations (18 photos)

26 May 2024
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A selection of things that have been given a second life and found unusual uses in everyday life.

There are people who do not want to play by generally accepted rules: they will always find a non-standard use for things, and instead of throwing something away, they will give it a second life. To achieve this, various tricks are used. Sometimes it's something creative, and sometimes it's crazy simple.

A little cheap fabric dye made my old backpack look new again

Old couch springs work well as plant supports.

If you don't have a suitable hose attachment, cut a hole in the bottle, thread the hose through and hang it on the faucet.

Use a magnetic knife holder to store your tools

Use a medical syringe to measure out the right amount of honey for baking recipes

Use an old muffin tray to organize nuts and bolts when taking something apart

Pencils can be turned into dice that can be used for games or decision making

My method for recycling disposable masks: the wire in them is long and strong

Every pair of jeans that starts to wear out turns into shorts

I save paper towel or toilet paper packages and use them as trash bags.

Here's how a simple roll of sticky paper can transform furniture

A furniture key is great for sealing a bottle of glue.

It is easy to pull out and there is no dried glue left on the tube.

When there is no more product being squeezed out of the pump bottle, you can cut it

The contents can be transferred to a container, and it will be enough to use for some time.

Cardboard boxes, bottle caps and old CDs can be turned into a budget-friendly children's kitchen

If the pillowcase constantly slides off the pillow, you can make slits and thread the ribbon through

I didn't have a meat hammer, so I decided to improvise

If you want to keep a piece of pie in a container and not have to pick it out later, use the lid as a bottom and cover the container on top

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