19 photos of animals that can surprise (19 photos)

24 May 2024
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A selection of photographs of animals, each of which is unusual in its own way. Some were photographed at the right moment, others are distinguished by rare beauty, and others became famous thanks to their stories.

This African Nyala Antelope Looks Like a Studio Ghibli Cartoon Character

It also looks like an attempt by artists to show what an extinct animal might look like.

Queen Termite Dimensions

As Simba from The Lion King said: “Slippery, but nutritious!”

Magnificent underwater photo of humpback whales: mother and her calf

A charming moment of tenderness.

Newborn (live) alpaca

We have never seen anything alive that looked so dead.

This is a rusty-spotted cat, and this is her size as an adult

Probably, nature made them so charming in order to lull the vigilance of their prey.

Translucent baby surgeonfish

You can't even see his organs.

Bagworm caterpillars collect and saw down small sticks to build intricate log cabins.

A beetle infested with the parasitic fungus Cordyceps

An NYPD officer looks at Ming, a 300-pound tiger kept secretly in a Harlem apartment in 2003.

Stunningly beautiful caterpillar of the subfamily Hemileucinae of the peacock eye family

Caterpillars of the subfamily Hemileucinae are reported to have poisonous hairs. The tiny bristles in many Hemileucinae species are stings connected to small vesicles that are filled with toxin.

Glaucus atlanticus - also known as the blue dragon

Despite its beautiful appearance and miniature size, this mollusk is a predator and has some toxicity. Reported to be relatively safe for humans.

Sampson is a Shire horse born in 1846 in Toddington Mills, Bedfordshire, England. He was the tallest and heaviest horse ever recorded

And this horse also looks like he’s wearing slippers.

Beautiful blue crayfish found in the mountains of West Virginia

This is probably the crayfish cambarus monogalensis.

Australian vets rescue rare golden opossum that looks like Pikachu

Squid eggs with little "aliens inside"

Tiny Cthulhunites.

A Swedish company has created an environmentally friendly reflective paint designed to be applied to deer antlers to protect the animals at night.

In 2014, some reindeer farmers took advantage of this innovation. Perhaps this way drivers will hit a lot less deer.

Grizzly bear caught salmon with caviar

Strange Norwegian bird turukhtan

And finally, Stubbs the cat, who was the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska from 1997 to 2017

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