15 pets that can scare you with their appearance (16 photos)

15 May 2024
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Each of us took unsuccessful photographs. Thanks to the efforts of their owners, the four-legged heroes of today’s selection have acquired pictures that can scare.

What emotions do pets evoke in you? Joy, charm, tenderness? We have long been accustomed to this, and it seems that we have managed to look at all the cute and funny photos of pets that are on the Internet! Therefore, it’s time to look at dogs and cats in a new way, namely, to see pictures of usually cute pets in the role of little monsters who are able to make such a face that even a loving owner begins to be afraid of them.

My dog enjoys being petted by me, but he looks like he's about to attack me.

After bath procedures, it’s hard to call my cat cute

My dog likes to scare me with his teeth

Ghost of the night

After a walk in the park, my dog went crazy

This is my cat showing off his belly because the color on it looks like a scary laughing face

Jackson's smile scares me a little

My cat greets me home from work like this, but I still can’t get used to it and get scared every time.

This is my dog, ladies and gentlemen!

I return home late in the evening, and then...

If your pet is a master at making a scary face, then at least you can get used to it. But it’s not easy to prepare for unexpected encounters with yard cats!

I took a photo of my dog while he was yawning and it turned out to be Venom

It seems that this collar protects not my cat, but me

I decided to take a cute photo with my pet...

My cat tries to seem cute. It doesn't turn out very well

If you have a Sphynx at home, be prepared for waking nightmares

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