18 situations when children thought their ideas were brilliant, but relatives thought a little differently (19 photos)

14 May 2024
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Little children are little troubles. Sometimes the pranks of kids make parents grab their heads and forget about calm. Here is a selection of cases when children thought their ideas were brilliant, but parents and relatives thought a little differently.

Any parent knows that if the room with the child becomes quiet, then something suspicious and, possibly, irreparable is obviously happening there. After all, those ideas of children that seem brilliant to them turn out to be almost a disaster for adults. At the same time, some children’s crimes turn out to be so unexpected that those around them don’t even know whether to laugh or cry. And even photographs taken at the scene of the incident evoke a storm of different emotions.

1. Not the best place for swimming

2. 9-year-old sister decided to make wireless headphones

3. I turned away for 5 seconds

4. He refused my help ordering food because he is already a “big boy.”

Now he sits feisty in the backseat with his jalapeño and olive egg roll. This will be a lesson to him.

5. Fresh concrete is not the best place to walk.

6. We played hide and seek with her. This is the place where she hid the first, second and third time

7. When I was little, I made a stand for frying pans - it has plastic beads on it

8. How to quickly become a Smurf without registration and SMS

9. My brother broke a tulip and tried to hide it with a tomato.

10. As a child, one of my hobbies was to spin around myself until everything floated before my eyes.

This photo was taken after I spun and knocked out my four front teeth by crashing into a kitchen chair.

11. Wires are not the best toy

I turned on the vacuum cleaner, 30 seconds later it suddenly turned off and I heard crying. The children are fine.

12. Not all games go without a trace.

13. It seems that the guy is not interested in underwater photography.

14. Shrek Color

15. The taste of the soap was not as pleasant as the smell.

16. The child made a drawing on the car. Stone

17. Little Saruman seems to be growing up in this house

18. The children played construction. Good thing I checked the slippers before I put them on

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