10 interesting facts about the intelligence of forest monkeys (16 photos)

11 May 2024
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How many experiments have already been conducted to assess the level of intelligence of all kinds of primates? You can't count! In addition to chimpanzees and gorillas, orangutans sit comfortably on the leaderboard. Observations were made not only of involuntary individuals, but also of freedom-loving “forest dwellers.”

10. The path to self-development

How to attract the attention of an adult orangutan? Easily! We need to give him a difficult task. There is no need for any encouragement in the form of bananas and feijoas, nor are there any need for affectionate words - like, “what a great fellow you are.” Just give the orangutan something to think about, and he will not give up until he finds a solution. The fact that the orangutan constantly strives for self-development is already a sign of intelligence.

9. It looks like it's starting to rain

Each individual “primatolicity” has its own umbrella. Orangutans are the only ones who always try to get away with it. Everyone knows what heavy rains are. So the redhead builds several structures, sometimes even two-story ones - when there is another one above one shelter. Or he twists the leaves in a special way - with a drain, and sometimes he pulls an ordinary fabric bag over his head.

They cannot stand the sun and tropical downpours.

8. Signor Robinson

Orangutans eat fruits and vegetation, but can also indulge in honey, large insects, and nuts. If a situation suddenly happens when the food warehouses become empty, the orangutan will not be confused. He will find something from which he can puree or squeeze juice and replace a full meal with it. He will chew some roots and suck out all the liquid from there, making sure to spit out the excess.

7. Red bugbear

If you place a chest with locks of varying complexity in the middle of the Sumatran swamps, then all the orangutans will come running to it. They will also start a debate over the right to open. Imagine how difficult it is with them in zoos. It feels like each individual was separately trained as a mechanic. There is such a sophisticated design on the doors that the creator of the Rubik's cube would be envious. However, this is excellent mental work!

6. Optimization of thinking

If an orangutan sees a goal, it will try to achieve it in different ways. The obvious ones will be used first, then the more difficult ones, and finally the most complex, but at the same time the fastest. Most of the knowledge is passed down from generation to generation by wise elders. The boys watch them from the side, but sometimes they seem to ask for advice - they bring unidentified objects or ask them to open a piece of fruit.

5. Mother's forum

The females are very friendly with each other. Those who already have little ones are eager to go to girls' get-togethers. They can look after other people’s children, punish their own, and “discuss” naughty behavior with their fellow tribesmen. Good neighborly relationships help them survive postpartum depression. It is interesting that the older generation willingly attracts teenagers to their gatherings. So that we learn wisely in advance!

After a busy day of learning.

4. Pragmatic approach

Previously, orangutans preferred life on land. They built dwellings on the ground, and obtained provisions there. And then they suddenly realized that there were too many enemies here - both a leopard and a Sumatran tiger... One way or another, the population of red monkeys is not infinite. So the primates moved into the trees. The animals climbed as high as no other feline adversary could climb. In the wild, they rarely descend to the ground.

“Can I have some water?”

3. A unique area

Most primates form groups. There is a leader, and subjects, and guards, and breadwinners. But orangutans came to the conclusion that it was better to live separately, but in a flock. They settle within a visible distance from each other, although each has its own territory. Doesn't look like a person? The monkey maintains good relations with all its neighbors. When they want, they unite; when they don’t, they scatter.

2. Quality control

By the way, about food. Orangutans are sensitive to their diet - they will never eat missing fruit. They always clearly know which part of the vegetation is nutritious and which is useless. If a person, being in the jungle, begins to focus on these primates in food, he will survive one hundred percent. Orangutans also have no problem opening strong coconuts and using sticks to eat honey.

With such knowledge and responsibility for business, success awaits anyone.

1. We need security guarantees

Orangutans try to keep everything under close control. There was a case when a primate untied a boat from the pier and crossed it to the other side. While he was walking there, looking at the surroundings and collecting fallen fruit, he kept the rope in his hands the entire time. Thus, providing himself with a guarantee that the watercraft will not go anywhere from him, and he will one hundred percent return to his home.

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