10 amazing facts about the spotted hyena (11 photos)

11 May 2024
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A vile laugh, a rough scruff and a very unpleasant smile. It is these signs that repel all living things from hyenas.

Agree, our heroine has the same look. Zoologists who observe hyenas in the wild give them credit for everything related to intelligence. But many of the predator’s actions do not always have a positive connotation.

10. Black realtors

The spotted hyena is capable of digging a hole for its cubs on its own. But why bother and waste energy if you can take away the home of someone weak? Most often, foxes and large burrow inhabitants are targeted. The hyena drives the rightful owner out of her own property, after which she equips it to her taste and color. This is usually done by female hyenas who are about to have offspring.

9. Without maternal support

When a hyena has cubs, it moves its rookery away from the center of the pack. The predator will certainly come to the communal meal, but will not show her offspring. Only when the children are stronger will the mother take them out into society. Not a single female will show concern for someone else’s offspring: yes, she will protect if necessary, but she will definitely not feed. If, by the will of fate, the boys are left alone, they will not be able to find nannies.

“Not mine, don’t mind.”

8. Pack stupidity

Hyenas always go hunting together. If they see prey, they will not act systematically. For example, some are driven in, while others are met from the other side. Spotted animals are simply not familiar with such a word as strategy! Hyenas run after prey in a straight line, trying to outrun everyone and everything. Everyone in the flock wants to be the first to grab the tasty morsel. You can forget about the rest.

7. Constant gluttony

If a hyena managed to get provisions, then she will never bother with fractional meals. She needs to have lunch in such a way that she won’t be offended later. But even the hyper-powerful stomach of a hyena, accustomed to difficulties, is not capable of processing such large requests. This is why hyenas suffer from bulimia. This is when the body rejects excess change. Hyena, hyena.

6. “Do you know who my mother is?”

The clan is ruled by the most experienced female - this is the custom among hyenas. But the younger generation is quite capable of laying claim to her post. Even at a young age, females begin to sort things out. If things get out of control, then the parents of one of the obvious candidates for the post can stand up for their child. But her opponent was less fortunate - no one would help her. Peculiar “majors” enjoy privileges here too.

5. Let's do without respect

When the flock has achieved its goal and has finally found a place for a meal, each member of the community will try to grab a larger portion. We were all taught as children that we need to share with our family. And it is very desirable that it be equally divided. Nobody will hear such arguments here. And those hyenas who have “conquered” their prey generally believe that they are entitled to the biggest jackpot. No one heard anything about any equality during lunch.

4. Survival of the most cunning

The ranking system in the pack has always worked with a bang! It has its own “managers”, its own “clerks” and its own “helpers”. But if, during a hunt, one of these notices a leopard eating food somewhere in the bushes, then he will never admit it. He will go further with everyone. And after a while he will definitely return to steal the poor cat’s warehouse supplies. Of course, the flock is neither hearing nor spirit.

3. Let go of anger

When a spotted hyena is offended by something, it may well lash out at its loved ones. No, she won’t go scream and cry to her friend. She will find that individual in the clan who will be younger in rank, and will absolutely not be able to fight back. And now our heroine is already throwing off all the accumulated negativity. This category can include not only mentally weak individuals, but also those who are weakened due to illness.

Offending the helpless is in the order of things for a spotted hyena!

2. Craving for the throne

Someone is constantly arriving in the flock. Either the cubs will be born, or a stranger will kill them. Consequently, there will always be contenders for the throne. But besides them, there are also minions. From time to time, but with enviable regularity, attempts at real coups occur in the clan. The reigning hyenas are ignored, set up and tried to offend. Only a true leader, as we know, always remains in power.

1. Deceptive maneuvers

The food obtained is not always enough for each member of the flock. Therefore, those who did not get anything can be cunning. For example, relatives grabbed food so that they could get close to dinner. What does a hungry woman do? She gives a special whine, which in the pack means “danger”. Those hyenas, who at that moment were selflessly enjoying the meal, immediately retreat. And the hungry cunning one is finally getting close to the food!

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