How a white shark lives: 9 interesting habits and features of Carcharodon (14 photos)

7 May 2024
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Large, scary and one of the most dangerous. The dimensions of the white shark cannot be called miniature. Her body is well adapted to her environment, but her character also has unique features. Let's not pull the fish by the tail - let's start studying interesting facts.

9. Fat doesn't sink.

The shark does not have a swim bladder, so it must constantly move. But the predator has an auxiliary device - huge volumes of fat around the liver. Fat is much lighter than water; it helps the animal navigate through the water column without drowning. The shark is even accustomed to eating anything that has a high fat content. She looks at seals and fur seals with special gastronomic interest...

8. Fragrance lover

The oceanic predator regularly sticks its penny above the surface of the water. And not for the sake of curiosity, but for the stomach. The fact is that it perfectly recognizes any aromas in water. But odors spread much faster in the air! In addition, the great white shark has a special organ that recognizes odors in the air. So she spies over the water systematically. He doesn't spy, but sniffs.

7. Nervous nasopharynx

The predator is not used to swimming with its belly up. The disorientation is so great that our heroine is seized with panic and stupor. Divers, knowing this feature, found another one. In emergency situations, you can stroke the shark’s nose so that it temporarily turns into a “good cat.” The secret is simple: there is a huge number of nerve endings on the predator’s nose. However, there is no need to repeat it, it doesn’t always work.

6. “Pasta to go!”

Despite the poor quality of teeth, their loss “is not scary for ichthyander.” If a couple falls out, then the rest immediately move together, and in the resulting void, new ones grow in a few days. And caries is not terrible - the entire dentition of a shark is covered with an acid-resistant substance. It protects teeth from plaque, so no small civilizations multiply on the surface. Always have pasta with you!

Megalodon tooth compared to white shark teeth.

5. Hierarchy based on the principle

In this case, the “young ladies” are both more important and larger than the males. The longer an individual is in the pack, the higher its status. Hazing works here on an ongoing basis, so it’s sometimes difficult for newcomers, but the elders don’t let you relax, teaching the younger generation the wisdom of life. If the shark itself is larger, then, a priori, it will begin to lead the smaller sharks. No one has canceled the laws of the pack.

4. “Who comes to visit in the morning?”

Scientists placed beacons on sharks and discovered a unique feature. Our heroine travels often. They sail along the transoceanic route, and then they always return home. Migrations are not at all related to temperature conditions. It’s just that one population swims to visit another. Experience exchange? Visiting relatives? Training? The fact remains a fact.

3. Hunting tactics

The shark has always been curious and is accustomed to first observing the habits of its provisions, and only then acting. She can circle around for an incredibly long time, just watching. She has a lot of patience. But as soon as the shark detects weak points, it will instantly take advantage of them. It will come at someone from behind, as if knowing about its echolocation abilities. On others - from an ambush. And on the third - with the help of distracting maneuvers.

2. Unique stomach

The temperature of a shark's stomach is usually 12-14 degrees higher than its body temperature. Therefore, metabolic processes are slowed down. Food takes a long time to digest, but to stay full for as long as possible, the shark needs fat. If she tastes dietary meat, she will no longer hunt for it. If you’re going to eat, then eat food with high nutritional value, and nothing else.

1. “Give me eyelids”

The organs of smell and vision are extremely important for a shark; with their help, it replenishes energy costs - it hunts. Only she doesn’t have eyelids that can protect her eyes from external threats. Therefore, at the moment when the shark is furious, it rolls its eyes “at the ceiling.” This helps keep your health safe. You never know if the provisions will turn out to be out of the ordinary - that's what will permanently damage your eyesight!

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