Central Asian Shepherd Dog: 9 character traits that many breeders are proud of (9 photos)

6 May 2024
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If the Central Asian Shepherd knows the word “guard,” then not a single adversary will dare enter the territory entrusted to it. The guard qualities of the breed are enhanced by its impressive appearance. But it’s hard to appreciate a shepherd dog, because the Alabai is a storehouse of talent.

9. We don’t take bribes!

Get into the courtyard guarded by the SAO? Excuse me! It is essentially impossible to appease a qualified watchman. It’s Uncle Petya from the neighboring construction site who will let the kids into the protected area for a bag of mom’s pies. You can bring a box of provisions to a Central Asian Shepherd as a bribe, but it will be of no use. Yes, the wrong Alabai may satisfy your hunger by mistake, but it still won’t let you into the territory.

Integrity is captivating.

8. Hyperresponsibility

In this case, you are not responsible for the one you tamed. And the one who was tamed is now responsible for you. The CAO will look after every member of the household. He is ready to save his charges from any type of threat. There were cases when an Asian persistently pushed the owner into the house, and a few minutes later a hurricane passed in the vicinity. Alabai is not only a good watchman, but also a worthy bodyguard.

The dog will follow commands mechanically, but not mindlessly.

7. The first one started!

The CAO will not show aggression towards all moving objects. The Shepherd is self-sufficient and smart. But the breeders taught the Alabais to give change. If the fearless little guy starts barking at the Alabai, he won’t even move his ears. It's the wrong berry. But if the dog senses a strong opponent, he will stop restraining himself. He will definitely use the combat tactics that will ensure 100% victory.

Sometimes just a “voice” is enough.

6. Feel the dimensions

To warn the aggressor about its existence, the alabai will growl furiously. He is well aware of the fact that he looks intimidating, and often uses his appearance, without demonstrating real strength and power. When in a human home, most Alabais move in a manner as if they are afraid of breaking a crystal vase. The CAO does not like to be in “closed circumstances”.

5. With your samovar to Tula?

SAO, like any dog, needs to be walked. This is necessary for greater socialization. They know their yard and territory by heart, but it is also necessary to master the situation outside the perimeter. And the SAO knows that outside the yard - he is no longer the master of the situation. Therefore, he behaves more modestly - he does not claim a place of walking, does not try to dominate others, and generally tries to observe all standards of decency. I left my ego at home.

4. Guardian of morality

Let the owner just try something intoxicating! You can take a risk, but in this case you shouldn’t return home. Alabais cannot stand people with the smell of “fumes”. The degree of aroma for a dog is not of fundamental importance - it will bark, bark, and may even show an instructive grip. Rather, let's give up bad habits.

3. We are fed well here too

Shepherd dogs calmly consume everything that a person gives them. In winter, you will have to regularly cook porridge with meat in broth - in the cold the dog eats a lot. In summer, the venerable watchman consumes much less food. He has few requirements for living conditions. If it's cold, give more food to warm it up. If it's hot, then more water. And no chains - this is the only complaint of the Alabai to the owner. A spacious enclosure is better.

2. I won’t give up what’s mine!

The dog will fiercely protect everything that is located, lives or grows in the controlled territory. You shouldn’t offend Alabai’s loyal friends. A crow pecked the pet cat's crown - oh, in vain, it was a great waste of time to offend a furry friend! An amazed alabai will enter the arena and send the bird to distant lands. And let someone else try to pick the cosmos growing in the yard. “Run, adversary, run!”

1. Flowers of life

Alabais love puppies; shepherd dogs have proven themselves to be excellent parents. But they treat human children as friendly as their own. Moreover, a child who does not even live with an Asian will still be perceived by the dog as a kind fool. And the animal’s attitude towards it will be appropriate: it will provide protection, but it will not allow it to fall into the mud!

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