Interesting facts from the life of Amazonian dolphins (11 photos)

4 May 2024
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Dolphins are one of the cutest sea animals loved around the world, although most people are only familiar with the ocean-dwelling species of dolphins.

There are not many dolphins in the world that have managed to adapt to fresh water. The characteristics of the habitat are reflected in the appearance of the most famous “ichthyanders,” but appearance is not all that distinguishes Amazonian river dolphins, or inii.

10. Elephant trunk, dolphin face

Yes, the appearance of the Amazonian dolphin is remarkable. His eyes are located too high, and it’s difficult to call these two specks organs of vision. It has the same interesting fin on its back. There is a feeling that the dolphin was dressed up by a novice designer. The fin is not bent, but resembles a flag. Instead of an ordinary mouth - a rostrum! A narrow, long and curved beak is the main feature of the “Amazonian”.

9. Unsuccessful adaptation

Our hero does not like change; even the most positive changes still turn into stress for him. And a short-term or long-term health threat - even more so. Nature has not endowed dolphins with a sufficient number of protective mechanisms; they have teeth, but they are only suitable for small provisions. The “Amazonian” is vulnerable from a physical point of view and reacts nervously to any incomprehensible situation.

8. I'm not a coward, but I'm afraid

The Amazon dolphin is shy, but overly curious. Shyness sometimes reaches severe limits - once again you won’t stick your nose to the surface of the water to stock up on oxygen. When a suspicious object appears, the dolphins dissolve in the aquatic environment. But this is how it works in relation to adversaries. Dolphins have very warm relationships with their acquaintances who live on the shore.

They swim, play tag and rub against boats.

7. Screams in a voice that is not his own

But it happens that the boy is driven into a corner. This could be a real threat from larger predators or certain life circumstances. So, if our hero is overtaken by an illness, then he will begin to scream out of fear. Neither squeak nor crackle, like most other species, but scream. Everyone who has heard this interesting sound unanimously affirms that buffalo calves cry in a similar way.

6. Moving matchmaker

Inia does not like to conquer long distances. He is comfortable in his native land. And this despite the fact that the condition of many rivers leaves much to be desired. But from time to time circumstances prevail over our hero. During the rainy season, the river dolphin tries to penetrate to those rivers that flow into the lakes. Such maneuvers are performed right along the flooded banks!

5. Mother's support

The phrase should not be taken solely as a metaphor; on the contrary, it must be understood in the most literal sense. When the female brings the baby dolphin, he needs to take his first breath. Therefore, she carefully pushes it with her rostrum to the surface. The baby dolphin is so vulnerable that it is capable of sinking, but the mother selflessly supports her child with “flippers” until he controls the elements.

4. Walk in pairs

Inias love to gather in pairs. This does not mean that the couple will have a romantic relationship. It’s just that the two of them are more comfortable both hunting and playing. Friendship is sometimes much stronger than family relationships - it can last a lifetime. This is a way to live, this is a state of mind. Dolphins of different sexes often become friends, but they prefer to have young ones with other dolphins.

3. The principle of the metal detector

The dolphin uses its curious nose as a fishing rod. A lot of tasty provisions are hidden in the depths. And our hero is able to sink to the very bottom, holding his breath for ~ 20-30 seconds. When diving, the mammal stirs up the muddy bottom with its snout and fin. If something valuable comes across, it instantly changes its place of registration - from the bottom of the river to the bottom of the dolphin's stomach.

In captivity, river dolphins usually live no more than 3 years.

2. There will be an intermission

Amazonian dolphins spend almost all of the daytime in motion. A river is not a sea; here you have to try to find food. But at night the “Amazonian” will rest. You don’t have to do any fishing; first you need to digest the change from the lunch before last. River dolphins sleep strictly according to a schedule: they look for a place where the current can hardly be felt, and set up a kind of camp so that it does not get carried away.

1. Will you eat for me?

Dolphins do not have as powerful jaws as sharks. If you swallow food completely, you can ruin your stomach. But nature took pity on the emigrant, giving him special growths on his molars. They work like a millstone, helping to grind everything that enters the mouth. The dolphin also uses them as a cleaner - while the roots grind the shell, our hero enjoys the shellfish.

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