Panoramic photos can turn adorable pets into unknown animals (16 photos)

25 April 2024
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Panoramic photographs can create such awkward creatures that looking at the resulting frames can really lift your spirits!

Taking a good panoramic shot can be very difficult, because the main key to a successful shot is shooting static objects. What happens if you decide to photograph your restless pet in panoramic mode? The authors of the pictures from our selection know the answer to this question, because they pulled this trick with their favorites. And the resulting photographs can puzzle and make anyone laugh!

I decided to take a cute photo of a cat, and I had a panoramic shooting mode.

Two headed dog

We thought Radio was a dog, but it turned out he was a caterpillar

What a chick!

Panoramic photography made my cat look very brutal

Is geography really that boring?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is my dog

When you have an outstanding profile

Unknown little animal

My cat is a little flattened

This dog must have excellent reverse speed

Thanks to panoramic photography for this face

When you sneezed 5 times in a row and another one is on the way

My dog has an excellent sense of smell

Fence on the seashore in the shape of a dog

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