13 unusual and true facts that are hard to believe (12 photos + 1 video)

22 April 2024
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The world around us is full of fantastic things, and it is very important not to lose the ability to be surprised. In this post you will read unusual facts from real life that can truly amaze you.

1. In 1983, Japanese artist Tadahiko Ogawa made a copy of the Mona Lisa entirely from slices of differently roasted toast.

2. Red bananas

This type of banana grows in South and West Africa, as well as the Canary Islands. Scientists believe that these fruits have a great future because they have a pleasant taste and creamy consistency. They also contain more vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and beta-carotene than regular bananas.

3. Pandas are brown

This is a subspecies of the giant panda. To date, only one representative is kept in captivity - a male named Qizai. Scientists are looking for an answer to this biological mystery. The main theory is that brown is a fixed genetic mutation. There are only 300 of these peaceful animals left.

4. There are four types of drunks

1. Hemingway: Their personality and behavior hardly change no matter how much they drink.2. Mary Poppins: Alcohol makes them nice and happy. This relaxes them and they become more open.3.The Nutty Professor: These people tend to be introverted, but when they drink, they bring out the best parts of their personality.4. Mr. Hyde: They become angry and show their worst traits: rudeness, hostility and irresponsibility.

5. The smartest snake

According to scientists, the king cobra is the smartest among its relatives. She has a strong sense of family. This is the only species of snake that builds nests and protects its young.

6. Pablo Picasso carried a revolver with him everywhere, loaded with blank cartridges. He shot people who persistently asked what his paintings meant.

7. There's a reason Winston Churchill looks upset on the banknote.

This is because the photographer lit Churchill's cigar before taking the photo.

8. Most of the creepy sounds we hear in horror movies are made using one instrument.

Its creator, Richard Waters, calls his creation the Waterphone. He patented it under this name. It is also called an acoustic synthesizer.

9. Crows love to pinch other animals' tails.

It is believed that in this way they distract animals from food in order to steal it. But some scientists believe that crows do this simply because they enjoy it.

10. The left side of the face is considered more attractive than the right

Many artists have drawn people from the left side because people look more expressive on this side. Additionally, research shows that we express more emotion using the left side of our face.

11. Archaeologists found an ancient meme in Turkey

In 2013, during the laying of a cable in Antakya (in ancient times - Antioch), Turkey, an ancient mosaic depicting a skeleton was found. It lay next to bread and wine, and the inscription read: “Be happy and live your life.”

12. Every year in Nepal, Kukur Tihar is celebrated, where people thank dogs for their loyalty and friendship.

During the festival, dogs are bathed and their foreheads are decorated with tika, which is prepared from kumkum powder, abir or gulal with rice and yogurt. Flower garlands are placed around their necks and treats are offered, including meat, milk, eggs and dog food. The festival takes place in October-November.

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