20 funny reasons for children's tantrums (21 photos)

26 May 2024
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Little children will always find a reason to cry. Parents from all over the world have shared the funny reasons behind their daughters' and sons' tantrums.

Life with small children in the same house is a whole carousel of emotions, because the kids’ moods change as if at the snap of a finger. At the same time, it is almost impossible to predict what will make them smile and what will make them hysterical with rolling on the floor and a sea of ​​tears. Tired parents treat such outbursts of emotions with humor and share funny reasons for children's tantrums on social networks. This type of therapy not only helps to calm down, but also allows other moms and dads to understand that they are not the only ones who are in complete chaos at home.

1. Someone was upset that she wasn’t given paper towels to eat...

2. He wanted to play in the snow, so we went outside

3. Crying because she has vegetables in her hair

4. Didn’t let him run into the icy water with his clothes on

5. Today I am a bad mother because I didn’t let him eat dog food.

6. I didn't give her my beer

7. The woman had cute twins in line, but I didn’t let my daughter take one of them.

8. I'm a bad mother because I changed one flower on my iPad wallpaper to another.

My daughter won, after 5 minutes of her whining, I changed the wallpaper to the old ones.

9. Matthew got angry because he was told that toothbrushes are for teeth, not toilets.

10. She didn’t allow him to play in the frozen river.

11. He wanted someone to open the package of plates, so I opened the package of plates.

12. I told her that you can’t eat dessert in the bathroom.

13. I'm a terrible mother because I didn't let my daughter win every game of tic-tac-toe.

14. She wanted to sit on my lap, but she didn’t want me to put her there.

15. She doesn't want to go to the beach

We had no intention of going to the beach. I didn't say anything about going to the beach. Most likely we won’t leave the house at all today because it’s too cold outside.

16. I told him he was too short to drive.

17. I didn’t let him lick the dirty dishes from the dishwasher.

18. I'm a bad mother because the snow is too wet.

19. I said "Say cheese"

20. Asked him to stop chewing the blue marker.

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