16 unusual finds made on the beaches (17 photos)

25 May 2024
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Interesting and rare things on the beach can be found not only under a layer of sand. They are everywhere and sometimes you just need to look around.

In our minds, a beach holiday is often perceived as something obviously predictable and boring - well, the sun is shining, towels are laid out on the sunbeds, what interesting things can be found there? But as it turns out, there are many incredible and exciting discoveries to be made on the beach! Sometimes you have to try hard to do this, for example, to find the same fang of an already extinct shark, and sometimes you can just walk along the shore, where you will probably come across a giant tree, an abandoned ship, or something completely unexpected. Here are just a few of the amazing beach finds.

The wreckage of the Space X spacecraft lay on the shore

In Croatia, I found a stone with a message to my mother in Korean

A huge Lego figure mysteriously appeared on a Florida beach.

Even the Lego company did not know where this giant suddenly appeared on the shore, and later it turned out that it was an art project of the Dutch sculptor Ego Leonard.

I found a piece of glass that became perfectly round from the water.

Sometimes there are pieces of wood among the sand

And I found a pebble on the beach that looks like a beach itself!

In Germany, children discovered a cache of Easter sweets and toys

A container fell from one of the ships passing by, and as a result, all its contents ended up on the shore.

Finally found a megalodon tooth - a species of shark that no longer exists

When you completely forgot where you parked

Messages in bottles are still sent today.

We decided to take a walk on the beach and ended up in Law and Order.

An old game console with a cartridge inside washed up on the shore

Apparently, someone was so upset by the loss that they threw the console straight into the ocean out of anger!

My wife and I found this glass ball, which has already turned into a separate ecosystem

My trophy is a shark tooth, dulled by water.

An abandoned ship can also be found on an abandoned beach.

Here's the cutest beach find ever!

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