Don't go here: what places on the planet are they not allowed to visit (10 photos)

1 May 2024
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There are mysterious places on our planet that you cannot go to, even if you really want to.

They are securely hidden from prying eyes behind high fences and secure locks. But the reasons why these places are banned can be very different: from cultural and historical value to danger to human life and health.

Snake Island, Brazil

The island of Queimada Grande could have made an excellent resort, if not for one “but”. It is infested with poisonous snakes, whose bites are dangerous to human life. Even the lighthouse located on the island does not have a keeper and operates autonomously.

Coca-Cola Recipe Repository, USA

The Coca-Cola company has elevated the recipe for its legendary drink to the category of the greatest secrets on the planet. It is kept in Atlanta, in a special safe, behind a round metal door with powerful locks. Only senior executives of the corporation have access to the vault.


Metro-2, or Facility D-6 as it is called in official documents, is a secret underground transportation system designed to evacuate the country's leaders to secure bunkers. Its branches approach the Kremlin and a number of government and administrative institutions in Moscow. The road to facility D-6 is closed to ordinary citizens.

Gruinard Island, UK

During World War II, biological weapons were tested on Gruinard Island. Since then, the island's soil has been contaminated with anthrax spores, so it is closed to visitors and tourists are not allowed here.

World Seed Vault, Norway

Norway is home to the World Seed Vault, which stores millions of seeds from various crops. This plant bank was created in case of an emergency or global catastrophe. The seed bank will be enough to revive the world's crop populations.

Area 51, USA

Area 51 is a military base in Nevada, near Las Vegas. The base tests new types of weapons, aircraft and nuclear missiles. This is one of the most secret military installations in the United States. Due to the high degree of privacy of the base, it has become the subject of various UFO-related hypotheses.

Google Data Center, USA

Data centers are the heart of the Google empire. They are located in the USA, Belgium, France and other countries of the world. This is where our photos and other information that we upload to Google are stored. To maintain the confidentiality of this information, data centers are carefully protected from outsiders.

Surtsey Island, Iceland

The island of Surtsey appeared off the coast of Iceland quite recently, in 1963, as a result of a huge eruption of an underwater volcano. By exploring this island, scientists are trying to understand how life began on earth. However, don't try to get here while traveling in Iceland. While Surtsey is under close scientific scrutiny, it will remain closed to tourists.

Lascaux Cave, France

In the Lascaux cave, ancient rock paintings have been preserved, which are a valuable source of information about the life of ancient people. However, due to the fact that carbon dioxide destroys rock art, the cave is closed to the public.

Friends, what theories about Mezhgorye, zone 51 and object D-6 seem most plausible to you?

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