The most spectacular car sculptures (10 photos)

28 April 2024
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Some artists decided to forget about the utilitarian functions of the car for a while and turned it into a blessed canvas, a tool with which they created incredible masterpieces of architecture and vibrant installations.

Long Term Parking, France

This monument was erected in the vicinity of Paris in 1982 by the French artist Armand Pierre Fernandez. The construction of the stele measuring 6x6x19.5 meters required 1,600 tons of concrete, 59 cars and an amount equivalent to 150 thousand dollars.

Cars slowly rusting in the Long-Term Parking Lot remind us of the transience of our time. More recently, they were a symbol of the industrial age and attracted admiring glances from others, but now, due to erosion and corrosion, they have become a real fossil for our descendants.

"Hope for Peace" (Espoir de Paix), Lebanon

The Hope for Peace Monument was built in 1995, five years after the end of the Lebanese Civil War. It is located in Beirut, near the Ministry of National Defense building. As you probably already guessed, the author of this monument is also the Frenchman Armand Pierre Fernandez.

To erect a monument 50 meters high, 78 military vehicles from various countries and peoples and 5,000 tons of concrete were required. The stele resembles a bombed-out high-rise building containing military equipment. The cars were welded to a metal frame located inside the monument. Their guns are facing the same direction.

"Spindle", USA

The art installation "Spindle" was created in Berwyn, Illinois (USA) by artist Dustin Schuler in 1989. It consisted of eight cars mounted on a 15-meter metal pole. To make the sculpture stable, its foundation was buried 10 meters into the ground. The equivalent of $60 thousand was spent on creating the installation.

The pop art installation was popular with tourists. It was printed on postcards, published in tourist guides and shown in the movie Wayne's World. Foreigners happily changed the route of their

to look at an unusual attraction. Despite this, the townspeople did not like “Vereteno” and demanded its demolition, which was done in 2008.

Carhenge, USA

In 1987, in the state of Nebraska (USA), a copy of Stonehenge was built, only it was made not from megalith stones, but from old cars painted gray. The unusual attraction was called “Carhenge” (from the English Car - car). The idea of ​​creating an unusual installation belonged to the American artist Jim Reynders.

The monument consists of 38 cars arranged in a circle. Some cars are partially buried in the ground, others are mounted on top of them and form arches. Currently, other automobile sculptures have been built around Carhenge, which is why the area has come to be called the “Reserve of Automotive Art.”

Cadillac Ranch, USA

This amazing place, located in the vicinity of the American city of Amarillo, attracts tourists like a magnet. Here, in the middle of a wheat field, there is an amazing art installation in the form of 10 cars lined up in a row with their noses buried in the ground. The cars are arranged by seniority, from 1949 to 1963.

There is an assumption that old cars are buried in the ground at an angle that is equal to the angle of the faces of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. But this version has no documentary support.

The installation was repeatedly repainted in different colors, and in 2012 it even became rainbow in honor of the gay pride parade. But most often, cars are full of colorful graffiti that visitors leave on them.

Beetle Sphere, Indonesia

Fine art professor Ishwan Nur from Yogyakarta University is known for his installations made of plastic and aluminum. Perhaps his most famous work was “Bug-Ball”. The artist took the design of a 1953 Volkswagen Beetle as the basis for the installation and seemed to crush it into a perfect ball.

In fact, not a single car was harmed during the creation of the installation. What the viewer sees is created from polyurethane, then cast from aluminum, painted in the desired color and complemented with authentic parts from the Volkswagen Beetle. In the condensed version, viewers instantly recognize the legendary car, but see it in an unusual spatial embodiment.

The artist sells his finished sculptures at an incredibly high price of $88 thousand.

These are the amazing monuments, installations and installations that modern artists create when cars become their central element.

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