The fertility gods were merciful: gardeners who were waiting for a rich harvest were disappointed (31 photos)

18 April 2024
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Tomatoes, peppers, apples... it would seem that nothing is impossible for a gardener. But this is exactly until the time of harvest comes. It turns out that reality doesn't always live up to expectations, and all such hilarious cases sooner or later end up in a cozy corner of Reddit with the ironic name "Powerful Harvest."

1. “I saved watermelon seeds from last year and grew my own watermelons.”

2. “My corn (1 piece) is doing great.”

3. "Very big harvest. Very small dog."

4. "My pear tree, leafless and 1.2 meters tall, produces one perfect pear every year. Mom sent me a photo because I'm not home this fall."

"The pear is ready."

5. “I can season a thousand dishes with this pepper!”

6. "My Mighty Pineapple (Apple for scale. Out of bananas)"

7. “Should I pour someone some lemon water?”

8. "Just in Time for Halloween, Littlest Pumpkin"

9. “Three and a half months later, this beast arrived just in time for the annual Easter feast in our village.”

10. "I'm so proud of my chili. She went above and beyond."

11. “My cart will definitely feed the whole village!”

12. "Ready for harvest. Taking tips on canning."

13. “Today we will feast!”

14. "It took me hours to cut this baby open. I hope it ends global hunger. Hand for scale."

15. “In six months, I managed to turn one clove of garlic into one clove of garlic with a stem.”

16. "Two years waiting for one single lemon"

17. "This is my harvest from 3 different potato plants. Don't worry, they taste terrible too."

18. “This should be enough for us through the winter.”

19. “I only spent $200 to raise them.”

20. “It’s time to make strawberry jam for the neighbors!”

21. “The harvest is so bountiful, I’ll have to give some of it to relatives and friends.”

22. "A whole year of hard work"

23. "When life gives you lemon..."

24. "The rains blessed us with sweet mangoes"

25. “I just harvested enough potatoes to fill a whole bag of Lays chips!”

26. "It's time to make green onion pancakes."

27. “The only Carolina Reaper pepper I grew this year.”

28. “Guess what’s in my salad today.”

29. "I'm an expert in growing peppers. Ask me any question!"

30. “Months of hard work have finally paid off.”

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