10 great films with Monica Bellucci (11 photos)

6 June 2024
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A small selection of films with one of the most beautiful actresses in the history of world cinema, Monica Bellucci. What is your favorite movie with her participation?

In addition to her beauty, Monica has a brilliant acting talent, which she has demonstrated more than once in her work.


Italy, USA, 2000

Malena is a beautiful widow, the obsession of men and the envy of women. Wives spread dirty gossip about her. Her husbands follow her around and dream about her.


France, Spain, Italy, 1996

The wonderful duet of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel in the dramatic detective story “The Apartment” won the hearts of European viewers, and then ours.

Young businessman Max is going to important negotiations in Tokyo. His fiancee remains in Paris. Just before leaving, Max sees Lisa in a cafe - the girl whom he passionately loved two years ago and who then mysteriously disappeared without saying a word goodbye. Lisa spoke on the phone in the cafe and ran away. Max jumped out after her, but did not have time - she left in a car. When he returned, he found her powder compact and keys to the apartment. I began my search, forgetting about both the bride and the trip to Tokyo.


France, 2002

Apparently, Monica and Vincent are two happy people. The lovers managed to live and work together. Moreover, the intensity of passion that raged in the hearts of the actors had a great influence on their work.

"Brotherhood of the Wolf"

France, 2001

Another film with the participation of Monica and Vincent, only this time the couple is complemented by another main character - Mark Dacascos.

The film takes place in France in the second half of the 18th century. At this time, in the vicinity of a place called Zhevadan, a mysterious beast is operating and mercilessly killing defenseless peasants.

"The Passion of Christ"

USA, 2004

It is completely pointless to describe the plot of the painting “The Passion of the Christ” - every person knows this story. Mel Gibson's brilliant work recreates the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus Christ. Oh yes, Monica is here too. She played the role of Mary Magdalene, a faithful follower of Jesus Christ who followed him, was present at his crucifixion and witnessed his posthumous appearance.


USA, 1992

In the film "Dracula" by Francis Ford Coppola, the Italian actress played the role of Dracula's bride. Well, the perfect immortal girl, honestly!

"The Brothers Grimm"

USA, Czech Republic, UK, 2005

A fairy tale for adults and children “The Brothers Grimm” with Monica Bellucci as the Mirror Queen. It was precisely this that the two brothers-adventurers had to face, who came up with “evil spirits” and were engaged in expelling them. If only they knew that one day they would face a real evil witch!

"Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra"

France, Germany, 2001

A wonderful comedy for the whole family! The beautiful Monica plays the role of Cleopatra, who was also famous for her beauty.

The Great Cleopatra made a bet with the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar that her subjects could build a grandiose golden palace in just three months. This dangerous honor was awarded to the architect Numerobis, who, in case of failure, was to be torn to pieces by crocodiles.

"Love: Instructions for use"

Italy, 2011

Just look who turned out to be Monica's partner in the film! This is Robert De Niro. Now you have two good reasons to watch this movie soon, right? By the way, working with De Niro was a dream for Bellucci, which was realized by the director of the film, Giovanni Veronesi.

This touching melodrama tells three different stories - stories of love - young, mature and old.

"Stubborn Fate"

Italy, 1992

Carolina Rambaldi has problems with her three children: Marcello is lazy, Lucrezia is willful, and Cesare is homosexual. The wife of one of the sons is being treated for infertility and is going to secretly visit a foreign clinic that specializes in embryo transplants. She convinces her twin sister Angela to fill in for her while she's away...

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